Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9th – 15th Aug, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will fall in love head over heels with a person of the opposite sex, elder in age. They will be able to convey their true feelings to this person, who will reciprocate favourably! This will mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The week is not very favourable for married couples. They will be extremely stressed out because of the non-cooperative attitude of their life partner. It will be very important to remain patient. Things will normalise within some time. Be attentive to the needs of members of your family. Maintaining peace and harmony within the family should be your prime objective.


This week offers mixed results for matters related to academics. Students pursuing graduation will not be able to focus and concentrate properly. They will not feel like studying at all! They will start looking for suitable employment opportunities to start earning money. It is advised to students to complete their graduation prior going on a job hunt. Students pursuing higher education will be keen to earn some extra money. They may search for some opportunities that will assist them with their financial needs and requirements. However, the priority for them will always be academics. Their progress is also going to be very satisfactory during this period.


You will need to be very cautious with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. Beware of any viral infections or seasonal illnesses catching up with you. Take all due precautionary measures in this regard. Vision haziness or an injury near the left eye is also a strong possibility. Visit an ophthalmologist if the problem persists. People middle aged and above should be more careful about their health. Regular and thorough body check-ups will be a good idea. Timely diagnosis of any irregularities such as sugar or blood pressure will help control the problem and prevent any further complications. ‘Precaution’ will be your mantra.


Major planets are seen moving through your eleventh house, which is linked with monetary gains and financial opportunities. Use this week favourably and try to strike a major deal. If you work hard enough and are successful in striking this deal, your financial situation will become rock-solid. Do not take any major financial decisions based upon impulse or in a hurry. You will really need to be patient and will need to change your tactics often after thinking about all associated pros and cons. Financial gains will keep you and enthusiastic and full of zest and vigour throughout the entire week.


Businessman are to expect cut-throat competition throughout this week. After all, it is this positive competition that helps us get better by the day! Do not be negatively stressed. Use this competition to your advantage by trying to think something new. Tweak your plans and reformulate your strategies, if required. This will ensure the market share of your products and will always keep you one step above your competitors. Salaried employees will remain positively motivated to deliver more output. Their position within the organisation will remain safe. They may even be offered a promotion, along with increased remuneration!

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