Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd August, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles will fall in love head over heels with a person of the opposite sex, elder in age. They will be able to convey their true feelings to this person who will reciprocate favourably! This will mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. They both decide to meet at a mutually convenient place for expression of love. Married couples could remain unhappy due to an indifferent and uncaring attitude by their spouse. Be patient with yourself and your spouse. As the weekend approaches, your spouse will realise the mistakes made and will want to mend ways! Prepare for a beautifully romantic time together!


The week has to offer mixed results for students. Students will be required to work hard and not lose their focus and concentration. The progress of students pursuing last year of graduation will be very satisfactory. They will be able to learn and memorize very effectively. As a result of their hard work, they will be blessed with excellent grades in examinations. Students pursuing higher education may not be able to devote enough time for academics. If they do not work hard enough, their learning process will slow down and their progress will come to a grinding halt. They should try and focus only on academics.


Matters pertaining to your health and well-being are not very bright this week. There is a distinct possibility of facing some health issue. We advise you to visit your physician immediately upon any sign of discomfort. Be regular with whatever medications are prescribed to you to get rid of all such illnesses as quickly as possible. Inculcate a habit of exercising regularly to remain physically fit. People middle-aged and above should be very careful about their health issues. They must be careful with regards to any old ailments that they had been suffering from during the past.


What a wonderful week this is for matters pertaining to your money and finance! Planetary influence in this regard seems to be working positively in your favour. Your eleventh house is associated with monetary gains. Two major planets seem to be transitioning through this house. This will ensure lucrative opportunities to increase the flow of your finance. You will be absolutely enthralled upon receiving such fantastic opportunities to earn! There is a distinct possibility of your personal habitual expenses increasing. Try to control unwanted expenses. We advise that you take maximum advantage of this week and focus upon saving for the future as well.


Planetary influences do not seem to be very supportive for businessmen during this week. They will need to consistently keep working hard and persevere. Immediate positive results are not to be expected. Stiff competition in the market will also be something that they will need to overcome. Businessmen should consider lowering their profit margins for being a step above their competitors. However, hard work will always pay off! Positive results for efforts made will gradually start flowing in. Salaried employees will try to raise their efficiency bar and deliver more output. There is a distinct possibility of a raise in salary along with a promotion for them.

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