NYK Review of WWE RAW and Play by Play Results: August 3, 2020


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Apollo Crews (C) vs. MVP – United States Championship

The music briefly stops playing during MVP’s entrance. Match started with MVP taking down Crews with a chinlock, then Crews got back up and flipped over into a pin attempt for two. During the match, the lights flickered a little. Commentators addressed the situation said there is bad weather nearby. 2020 guys. Crews wins with the toss powerbomb in 11 minutes.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Match Review: 3/5. Good match. Happy to see Apollo Crews winning. MVP’s role is to elevate new talent, and he did that in this match.

Bobby Lashley attempts the Master Lock on Crews after the match before briefly escaping. Crews says that he is the one rightful United States Champion and he’s going to hang up the US Title he on at home so his kids can see it.

MVP berates the announce team and says they should be ashamed for the unsafe working environment they allowed with the flickering lights. He then says he doesn’t care about MVP’s wife or kids and what he wants is his rematch at Summerslam.

“The brainchild of Shane McMahon” is backstage.

Bayley and Sasha are backstage and they play a video package celebrating their achievements. Asuka interrupts in the end and says revenge will be very sweet. Bayley and Sasha take exception before Shayna Baszler comes backstage with them. She says she has a problem with those two having so much fun, especially Sasha, who weasled her way into the title. And Baszler has waited in line for a shot long enough, and she punches Sasha before leaving.

Kevin Owens grabs a drink backstage before he’s met by the IIconics. Owens is hosting the KO Show next and The IIconics think they would be great guests. Owens says they would be great guests but he already has a planned guest.

Owens comes out and he references the rumors of Shane McMahon being on RAW tonight, but he wants to address a situation that’s been brewing for months and he brings out his guest, Ruby Riott. He talks about Ruby’s emotions after getting a singles win last week.

Ruby said she rejoiced in being able to put an end to the IIconics BS because she didn’t get a singles win since February. She says the only thing that winning last week would have been made better with is having Liv Morgan celebrate with her. Owens says speak of the devil because he brings out Morgan.

Owens says he brought out both of them because they were building something special, and even though Sarah Logan has moved on, they shouldn’t stop what they were building because they bring out the best in each other. He tells Liv it’s worth hearing Ruby out. Ruby said she thought everything would be the same when she came back, and she saw Liv thriving. And she thought perhaps Liv didn’t need Ruby, and then she beat her twice. At that moment, Ruby wasn’t needed and didn’t know how to handle it, and she took it out on her. The tattoo on her leg is the debut date of The Riott squad, and Liv has it on the back of her neck. She wants the Riott Squad back. The IIconics interrupt.

Peyton says Liv should have stayed in the bathtub and they’re not friends like them. Liv says if there’s one thing she and Ruby can agree on, it’s that no one starts a riot like them. The IIconics challenge the two to a match and the two playfully argue over who should say their catchphrase. Owens asks for technical difficulties for their mics before Peyton slaps him. He asks if that was necessary before Billie slaps him as well. Owens asks Liv and Ruby for help and the two attack.

The IIconics vs. Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott

Liv Morgan rolls up Peyton for the win in 2 minutes.

Winners: Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott

Match Review: 1/5. Roll up to death finish. Felt rushed.

After the match, The IIconics jump Liv before Ruby comes in to save her and The Riott Squad stand tall.

Charly is backstage with reports of a loud noise that came because a box with some equipment inside fell over. No one was in the area and no one was hurt. MVP approaches and says the real story was how he was robbed of the US Title. Charly informs MVP that Apollo accepted his challenge. Shelton Benjamin approaches MVP and says his title was stolen, and MVP says they’ll find it and teach a lesson to those who steal from the Hurt Business.

Drew McIntyre comes out and thanks Randy for teaching him a lesson in not heeding his warning after the RKO. He should have known better since Randy is someone who prays on vulnerability. Drew then says everything in the WWE was handed to Randy just like how Edge said because it wasn’t his first, second or even his third plan. He doesn’t resent him for it, even though he never rode in a limo with Evolution or had a dad who was a Hall of Famer. But when Drew made his mistakes, no one cleaned up for him and he was fired for it. He deserved to get fired.

Drew then says Orton should have been fired for the literal crap that he left behind for others and he should have been fired a long time ago. Randy comes out and he says he doesn’t appreciate Drew saying that he was handed everything. He’s made his money and he could have left a long time ago, but he remains here because he loves being here, RKO’ing people and punting skulls. He then says he’s the chosen one now and forever. He should have been fired like Drew, but he wasn’t because he’s more valuable than Drew ever will be. He then says to form an original opinion not from somebody else.

Drew says that he watched the Last Ride documentary and remembered when Undertaker said he pulled ORton to his level when he didn’t have to do it. He then asks if ORton has ever dug down deep and pulled anyone up to his level. He then recalls a tie a decade ago when his world was crumbling, his mom was sick and he was self-destructive and Randy did nothing to help him. He’s not a leader. He’s a selfish prick. At Summerslam, he has a lot of receipts to check for the people he’s kicked in the head and the people that he’s done wrong. And he’ll see it coming.

Nia Jax is in the ring and she wanted to come out to own up to what she did last week.

Jax sounds like she’s about to apologize but she mentions fans adoring her and calls Buck a scrawny little runt who couldn’t cut it in his own career. She turns around and acts like she didn’t know Buck was there listening. She knows Buck is looking for an apology but she’s here to give him an opportunity to prove something, a match against her. Buck says he’s only in the ring because he was told an apology was coming. Jax says she will apologize after their match. They can settle it right here, she says, this is his big opportunity, one he’d never get if it weren’t for her. Jax promises to start off real slow so Buck’s little legs can keep up. Buck suggests they leave if she’s not going to apologize. Jax goes on and mocks him for being a “ginger” with his red hair. She says they don’t have to go speak in private, he can say what he needs to say. She shoves the mic in his chest.

Buck says due to her actions, Jax is now indefinitely suspended. Without pay. Jax gets angry and he tells her to relax, breathe. Jax says he has no authority to do this. Jax ends up dropping Buck to boos. The boos get louder as Jax kicks Buck out of the ring. Jax storms off as Buck sits up and recovers at ringside.

R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Akira Tozawa – 24/7 Title

After getting distracted by the ninjas, Akira hits the senton on Truth to win the title in three minutes.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Match Review: 1/5. R-Truth is back in the 24/7 title picture. Is WWE planning to add him in Record books for winning 24/7 title dozens of times?

Dominick is interviewed and he says it’s easy to understand why he keeps coming to RAW and putting himself in harm’s way. If anyone thinks he’s crazy now, people will think he’s insane when he challenges Rollins to a match at Summerslam.

Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks

Asuka comes and starts causing a rampage at ringside and the ref throws out the match in around 5 minutes.

No Contest

Match Review: 2.5/5. Hard hitting match with a weak ending but I know they wanted to protect both the wrestlers.

Asuka taunts Sasha from the ramp after the match.

Angel Garza is backstage with Demi Burnett of The Bachelor. He gets her phone number and gives her a rose. Andrade walks up and then Zelina Vega. Vega doesn’t think Burnett belongs but Andrade says she does. Vega needs to talk to him about that. Garza goes to follow them but stops to tell Burnett that he will see her soon after his match. She thanks him and looks forward to it.

The camera cuts back to RAW Underground. Shane is at ringside with men and women as another match goes on in the rope-less squared circle. Shane hops on the apron and declares the winner. He walks over to another area of the warehouse setting and we see women dancing on a stage. Shane says wait until you see what RAW Underground has next. Back to commercial.

Back from the commercial and Shane McMahon welcomes us to RAW Underground. We see the women dancing on the stage again. Shane says this is where there are very little rules, lots or carnage and chaos, lots of things he likes to see. Shane goes on and introduces the 7 foot tall Babatunde Aiyegbusi, who has been with WWE NXT since 2016. His new name is Dabba-Kato.

Shane hypes the big man up. Shane goes to introduce the next guy but tells him he’s on his own. Shane gets out of the way and the bell rings. The smaller guy charges but misses. Dabba-Kato unloads on him and easily wins the fight.

Shane asks who wants next. Another random, plain looking guy steps in wearing jeans. He fights but the big man Dabba-Kato slams him and beats him with forearms. The referee and Shane call the match. Shane congratulates the big man on his “impressive debut” and thanks him for tonight. Shane asks who’s next? He says RAW Underground will be back.

The RAW announcers say Shane is onto something. Joe likes it. Tom says Shane is lining up another fight.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Angel Garza

Garza wins with a dropkick to the head in 5 minutes.

Winner: Angel Garza

Match Review: 2.5/5. Short match but good finish and the right person won. Give us 12-15 minutes matches Vince.

Montez Ford vs. Andrade

The match is called after both Ford collapses in six minutes.

No Contest

Match Review: 2/5. Decent match, but again too short.

We see Murphy backstage watching a replay of last week’s attack to injure Aleister Black’s eye. Seth Rollins walks up and says Murphy made the decision. He’s proud of Murphy and Murphy should be proud of himself. The past is the past and now we focus on the future. Murphy asks if Rollins put any thought into Dominik Mysterio’s challenge for SummerSlam. Murphy thinks it’s ridiculous because he’s never been in the ring before, he’s just sacrificing himself for his old man. Murphy asks if it’s ridiculous, right? Rollins just smirks and walks off. We go to commercial.

We’re back with RAW Underground and as Erik from the Viking Raiders is taking on people.

Charly Caruso is by the trainer’s area with an update on Ford, and Zelina says there’s nothing to fear and that they’re all concerned for Ford. Dawkins comes from the trainer’s area and says that it’s looking like Ford may have been poisoned before the match. Bianca Belair confronts Zelina and asks who’s responsible, and Zelina denies responsibility before Bianca attacks them and they have a brawl that’s broken up.

Security camera footage shows masked men setting fire to equipment outside.

The Hurt Business is interviewed backstage and MVP asks why Charloy isn’t asking about deliberate sabotage and Shelton Benjamin asks questions about RAW Underground. MVP says he may be headed to pay a visit to RAW Underground before all three men leave.

Asuka vs. Bayley is announced next week, and if Asuka wins, she gets a rematch against Sasha at Summerslam. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton is also announced.

Seth takes the mic and says before he addresses Dominik Mysterio’s SummerSlam challenge, he wants to address Tom Phillips. Rollins asks Tom if he thinks he’s an unbiased journalist, if he takes pride in his body of work. Seth and Murphy have exited the ring now. Rollins asks Tom what was he doing last week when Rey Mysterio’s stupid kid was assaulting him with a kendo stick. Rollins is yelling at Tom now. Seth says Tom was cheering Dominik on last week, inciting his rage. Seth goes on about how Tom’s voice matters, he is the voice of RAW and is part of the greater good, whether he likes it or not. Rollins yells at Tom some more and says it’s his job to call things down the middle so he doesn’t create bias before it goes into the little brains of the fans at home. Rollins says if he doesn’t, then Tom becomes a liability. Rollins says maybe the time has come to find a new voice of RAW. Rollins threatens Tom but Samoa Joe stands up and says that’s not going to happen, whether he brings Murphy or not.

Joe tells Rollins to go back in the ring, make the point he came to make, or Joe will smack him in the lips and beat his disciple down. They stare each other down. Murphy stares at Joe from the side. Rollins tells Joe he does not want to do this. Joe takes off his headset and says yes, he does. The crowd rallies. Rollins and Murphy head back into the ring. Rollins tells Joe to come in the ring and what happens is not his responsibility. Joe gets ready for a fight as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Joe is on the outside of the ring. Rollins and Murphy have steel chairs in the ring. Dominik suddenly attacks from behind with a kendo stick, unloading on Rollins and Murphy. Joe quickly re-joins the announce team. Dominik uses the stick and slams the heels. Dominik hits 619 on Rollins Dominik goes to the top and leaps to the floor with a big splash, taking Murphy and Rollins down at the same time. Dominik returns to the ring and grabs a steel chair, standing tall and keeping the ring clear. Rollins and Murphy retreat to the stage. Rollins takes the mic and says he’s had enough. Dominik has jumped in way over his head but if Dominik wants to fight at SummerSlam, he accepts.

Tom looks worried as Joe and Byron talk about what just happened.

Byron sends us back to Shane McMahon’s RAW Underground. We see Dolph Ziggler in the ring with a competitor. Shane points to how Ziggler wrestled at Kent State. Shane is calling play-by-play on the mic while Ziggler ends up making his opponent submit. The Hurt Business arrives, all wearing suits. Shane gives MVP the mic. Bobby Lashley enters the ring and walks around.

MVP says until further notice, RAW Underground is being controlled by The Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin is with him. MVP asks who wants to fight Lashley first. A random guy steps up and gets dominated, slammed and knocked out. MVP says Lashley is having too much fun. MVP steps into the ring now. MVP has words with another competitor at ringside. Lashley picks the guy up by his neck and brings him in. MVP slams him and mounts him with strikes. MVP asks who’s next. it looks like a lot of people are walking out of the building. Shelton steps up and MVP hypes him on the mic. Former RAW announcer and current NXT Superstar Dio Maddin steps up and they go at it.

Shelton slams his opponent and ends up driving him off the platform with knee strikes. MVP asks if there’s anybody else. The Hurt Business exits the platform and just starts attacking the various male competitors in the building. Shane says that was amazing and they proved their point, but they’re welcome to hang around. Shane says that’s how it goes at RAW Underground – anything goes. We get replays of The Hurt Business destroying everyone. Shane says that was insane.

Shane says what an auspicious debut we had tonight with RAW Underground, and The Hurt Business is welcome back anytime. Shane says he can’t wait to see what RAW Underground does next week. He hurries off. MVP takes the mic and poses with Shelton and Lashley. He says they are The Hurt Business and business is booming. RAW goes off the air from inside the RAW Underground warehouse setting while The Hurt Business stands tall amid the carnage.

WWE RAW Rating: 5/10

Promo heavy show with short matches. I loved Dominik Mysterio’s intensity challenging Seth Rollins for a Summerslam match. 619 from Dominik looked flawless. Drew McIntyre was gold on Mic. I wish he stays as Champion atleast until the real crowd comes back to fill the stadium. Randy Orton was intense too, and this is my favorite version of the viper. Matches were below average.

Top 3 Stars of the show.

  1. Drew McIntyre
  2. Dominik Mysterio
  3. MVP

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