New Education Policy 2020, ACadru saw it coming!


The government of India recently approved the NEP or the New Education Policy 2020 that will further pave the way for transformational reforms within schools as well as higher educational institutions in the nation. The policy that has been designed to overhaul India’s education system will now ensure that the educational sector receives 6% of the GDP as opposed to 1.7% applicable before. Through the many salient features of the NEP 2020, the emphasis is clearly on multi-disciplinary learning.

The union cabinet has clarified that universities in India will now have to become multidisciplinary institutions, offering both graduates as well as undergraduate programs. In fact, by 2040, all the higher education institutions (HEI) in the country will have to become multidisciplinary.

As far as ACadru is concerned, the learning platform has been a front runner in this unique system of learning. ACadru has been promoting multidisciplinary learning since 2019 for both school and college students! Read on to find out more about some of the prominent features of the NEP 2020 and also find out how ACadru saw it coming!

Highlights of NEP 2020

Among its many features, the NEP 2020 emphasizes on building dedicated units for online and digital learning. The policymakers have reinstated that the unit will work towards creating a digital infrastructure and digital content within the MHRD that will take care of the e-education requirements of both higher and school education. The policy also covers recommendations for the promotion of online education, in the wake of the recent increase in pandemics and epidemics, to ensure that the country is better prepared with alternative systems for providing sound education wherever and whenever traditional or in-person systems of education aren’t possible.

The NEP also stresses on building content that focuses on ideas, applications, and problem-solving. Thus, the emphasis is on interactive learning and reduction of curriculum content to make enough space for holistic learning, critical thinking, discovery, and inquiry-based as well as discussion and analysis based learning. The new education policy of 2020 will also ensure that more tech-based options are available for adult learning. This means that the country will now witness the development of learning through apps, online modules, courses, online books, and Centers for Adult Education.

How ACadru Has Been a Front-runner in Multidisciplinary Learning?

As a leading online learning platform, ACadru has been offering multidisciplinary learning modules and practical experiences to assist students to establish their own unique career paths to secure jobs in the future.

Below, check out some of the key features of the ACadru learning platform:

Build Mastering and Skills: With ACadru, you get access to multi-disciplinary learning modules which further enable you to gain practical experiences, expand your knowledge, and achieve more. These modules help you to design unique careers that are in line with your area of interest or passions and also help you to better prepare for future challenges.

Organized and Meaningful Content: The platform has been uniquely designed to provide you with quick access to a vast collection of informative blogs, journals, and videos that are easy to comprehend and also covers all the important aspects/insights on different topics.

Powerful and Simple: All the content on the learning platform is created in an innovative story format for keeping the reader’s curiosity alive while also imparting an exceptional learning experience.

Anywhere, Anytime: Another advantage with ACadru is that users can access all the learning modules of the platform through any device, anytime.

Varied Topics: The platform has been covering varied topics related to futuristic jobs as well as skills across technology, business, and humanities.

Build CV: The learning platform also lists various activities and competitions to help users build and enhance their CV for desired job roles.

The Advantages of ACadru

With a platform like ACadru, users enjoy multiple benefits such as :
• The ability to build a profile in accordance with your area of interests as well as university needs.
• Acquire skills necessary for careers or job opportunities in the 21st century.
• Accomplish academic excellence and holistic development.
• Gain creative confidence aside from exploring futuristic disciplines.
• Gain expertise via online/digital courses through best in class open courseware such as Coursera, EdX. etc.


Given the Modi government’s decision to optimize the learning environment in India and offer support to school and college students, educational institutions will now have to emphasize multidisciplinary learning and vocational courses. This is where platforms like ACadru will encourage students to think deeply, nurture creativity, and remain curious. through quick access to free of cost learning modules. Each of these modules that are aimed at the creation of new ideas and projects for futuristic jobs. So, if you are searching for the best online learning platforms to acquire holistic learning then turn to ACadru. The learning platform is free for a limited time only. Signup with aCadru Today!

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