Musicial artist Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs is all set to go platinum on his next single “The Toast”


Tamaskin is from Charleston, South Carolina who turned his passion for music to life. Recently relocated to Los Angeles, California, Tamaskin within a short period of time has made a huge splash inside of the music industry. From fans to establish veterans inside of the industry, people around the globe are taking interest in Tamaskin’s lifestyle and artistry.

Tamaskin’s vision with his new anticipated single “The Toast” was created from a unique understanding. The Lyrics are written from a place of achievement, but also making it through tough times. He and the featured artist Spencer Bonds talk about finding a way to make their dreams a reality. Through Tamaskin’s music and his imagery throughout his videos, his imagination is always on full display.

The release of the song and the music video is highly anticipated. Billboard has already predicted the song to go platinum and to soon be on the charts.

For more information on Tamaskin visit his website and his Instagram at

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