Mee Raqsam- a dream and a trial


Today was one of those rare friday evenings when I was free and was surfing through the various OTT platforms to see what was upcoming. Checking out first has become a habit as lately they have been churning out some stellar content. I wasn’t disappointed either. I chanced upon the trailer for Mee Raqsam.

Mee Raqsam on ZEE5 it seems is a story of a father who practices Islam as his religion. He has a daughter who is talented and wants to become a Kathak dancer. The trailer hints about the father and his struggle against a conservative society to fulfill his daughters dreams.

This trailer (Watch here makes me nostalgic of some iconic movies on Indian celluloid which had captured the beautiful and emotional bond of a father and daughter.

My five pop favorites which brought to fore the depth and beauty of this bond are:-

  • Piku- This is a movie which awkwardly and yet in real life touches upon personal topics, that we are all aware of and more. Having awkward and uncomfortable discussions with parents on bowel movements, to work hours, to being single, to their talking about their ultimate death. This movie explores everything that a father daughter relationship should be and is amongst a lot of them.

  • Mili- Released in an era where a father daughter relationship was bound by patriarchy and social stigmas, this movie went in depth about a daughter who was terminally ill with cancer and a father who didn’t spend his time moping and cursing his fate, but rather acted as a buddy to his daughter. It explores the gamut of emotions a father feels when he knows he has to bid farewell to his daughter, how he lets go and how they live together.

  • Main Aisa Hi Hoon- The story of a father who has development disability and his love for his daughter. The catch comes when the father is a single father who has to fight the society, the law authorities and the grandad who wants to take custody of his granddaughter. It talks about how parenting is done and how important it is to want to be a good father despite your limitations.

Thinking about how Mee Raqsam will take this conversation ahead. Naseeruddin Shah as a social patriarch looks stellar. The poignancy of a father and his efforts to bring his daughters dream to the fore.

Kathak is a dance form associated with bhakti movement, the religion the protagonist practices is Islam. How the twain has to face the social hurdles to meet is what I am most excited about.

The father has so much of love and tenderness for his daughter when he is fighting the cleric. I am so excited to see what actually becomes of the trailer.

I know, I know, how a simple trailer has got me so excited that I have added these movies on my watchlist. I am now anticipating the release of Mere Raqsam’s trailer on

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