Make Sure You Have Breakdown Cover in Your Bike Insurance Policy

Vehicle breakdowns tend to happen in the most inconvenient places and often at the most inconvenient times. Dealing with a vehicle breakdown can be one of the most stressful times of your life. That is where roadside assistance or breakdown cover proves to be handy.  

It can prove to be a life savior when disaster strikes, and there is no help or mechanic available in your vicinity. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it could get you back on the road. If you do not have breakdown cover in your basic auto insurance policy then you can get it at the time of bike insurance renewal. People often buy breakdown cover for cars, and skip it for bikes.

Read-on why it is must to include in your bike insurance cover as well-

You Can Save Money If Your Bike Insurance Includes Breakdown Cover

Would you like to spend from your pocket to get towing assistance till the nearest workshop? Or pay a mechanic just to restart your engine?  If not, it is suggested that you should buy a bike insurance plan that provides breakdown assistance.

If your bike insurance plan includes a roadside cover, you can save the expenses that will be incurred on towing assistance, the fees that will be charged by a mechanic and even the cost of repair work due to an accident or collision.

There are a number of bike insurance providers that offer emergency breakdown assistance.

Some Important Facts That You Must Know When Buying online Insurance

The total cost of motor insurance is determined by a number of factors – including your bike make and model, your age, the coverage you want, driving history, and the claim history.

Before signing up your bike insurance plan, it is imperative that you check for roadside assistance. Not every bike insurance plan will have it included in their basic plan. You might have to pay an extra premium to get include it.

If you are checking out third-party bike insurance elsewhere you might not get this cover option. If you select a comprehensive bike insurance option then it will cover the cost of breakdown cover.

You can get this added to your current vehicle insurance policy, irrespective of the type of vehicle you drive – be it a car, bike, van, and scooters.

If you only have a third-party bike insurance plan, and your vehicle is more than 3 years old, then you must ask for breakdown cover.

Under any such circumstances, you just need to dial the roadside assistance number, share your exact location and someone will be there to help you out.

Delve into certain Aspects that you need to consider before getting breakdown cover

Insurance Coverage 

Before signing-up the bike insurance policy, the first question that you need to ask your vehicle insurance provider is – what all is included in my bike insurance plan?

Secondly, what are the deductibles in your auto insurance scheme?

How much reimbursement will you get in roadside assistance? And how much will you need to pay from your end?

Whether it is a standard inclusion or an option-cover?

Sometimes, the car insurance company will only provide you towing assistance, but you need to pay the cost. Whereas, certain car insurance companies that provide full reimbursement including towing assistance, fees charged by the mechanic and repair services.

In a comprehensive car insurance plan, it is one of the major deciding factors.

Get On-road Assistance

Auto Insurance companies across the world provide breakdown assistance in their vehicle insurance plans. Ideally, it should be provided in the basic auto insurance policies but this is not the case in India. You need to ensure if your basic policy includes road disasters or not. If not you will need to buy this as an additional cover.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your bike has to get stuck in the middle of the road; it can be any area or parking.  Check the policy wordings for any such specific limitations pertaining to on-road driving.

Check if Coverage is Extendible outside Your Geographical Area

If you travel often to other cities, then make sure that your bike insurance policy provides coverage there as well. You can’t even imagine how tormenting it can be to get back on the road in unknown locations if you don’t have breakdown cover. There are various insurers who provide coverage outside the city. You can compare different plans and buy the one that works best for you.

Preliminary Research

Research is always important. At the time of purchasing a new vehicle, you can check with your manufacturer if they provide complimentary roadside assistance.  Sometimes you can get this benefit with your credit card also.

But the warranty can be limited to the number of kilometers. Once you complete them it will not be beneficial anymore.

So, it is recommended that you compare auto insurance online from various vehicle insurance companies in India and choose the one that meets your concerns and helps you save some extra bucks.

Over to You

While crossing the highway, it is no less than a nightmare to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Safeguard yourself and your loved ones against any such emergencies– including accident, collision, emergency fuel support, and any other mechanical issues with breakdown cover. Now you can drive with your peace of mind, should you get stuck in an emergency you have auto breakdown cover to your rescue.

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