Lights, Camera, Action! Here’s How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

On average, over 260 million people watch movies in movie theaters every year. We love watching movies with our friends and family, but how can we recreate that magic at home?

You can bring the thrill of the theater and the joy of watching great flicks with friends to your backyard. Hosting a movie night outdoors is easier than you think.

We’re going to show you how to plan an outdoor movie night the right way. Keep your weekend clear, call all your friends, and get ready to have fun!

The Right Set Up

The most important part of an outdoor movie night? Your set up — the screen and projector you’ll use to show the movies.

You can rent a rig or set one up yourself. A sheet with weights on the bottom hung up on a line or a flat, white wall will do in a pinch.

Mini-projectors are more affordable and easier to find every day. Many can even hook up with streaming services like Netflix.

Don’t disappoint your movie-goers. Make sure to test your set up before they arrive.

Set the Mood

Your outdoor movie theater needs to be comfortable and have the right ambience. Make it a fun and immersive experience for everyone involved.

Lay down picnic blankets, pillows, and floor cushions for those that want to sit on the ground. Home Depot folding chairs with cushions are also a good option.

Have a concessions cart with popular snacks like popcorn, candies, and sodas. If you feel like it, make a plate of home-baked cookies or ask your friends to bring their favorite finger foods.

Soft lighting makes it easy to move around while still watching the movie in the dark. String lights or lanterns are great options.

Have Fun

You’ve got your snacks, picked a top-grossing movie that everyone loves, made your guests comfortable, and have an amazing set up. All that’s left is to have fun.

If you’ve got the time and are crafty, it’s your moment to shine. Look for movie-themed decorations to make your backyard movie night special.

Think movie ticket paper chains, chalkboard movie announcements, or clapboards and movie reels. Simple is best — and is easiest to set up and put away at the end of the night.

You can also stick with the theme of your movie. Put out cute items like action figures from the flick, tack up movie posters, or put up quotes from the movie all around and see who can spot the most sayings during the evening.

How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

Watching movies is always more fun with friends. It’s easy to create your own backyard theater and host a watch party at your place with our tips and tricks.

Your movie night is sure to be a huge hit. You’ll be planning a sequel in no time!

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