Libra Weekly Horoscope 9th – 15th Aug, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles who are already in a relationship with someone will have severe differences with their partner about their future plans together. They should not stretch their opinions too much, but adopt a malleable attitude. They should also consider the views of their loved one to retain the harmony and peace within the relationship. Do not hurt your partner’s ego time and again, instead try to think from your partner’s perspective as well. Respect their thoughts and give them enough time and space. To love is to liberate, not bind! Overall atmosphere within the family will remain very joyous and peaceful.


Planetary influence for students is going to be very favourable during this week. The progress of students pursuing their last year of graduation will be very satisfactory. They will be able to learn and memorize very effectively. As a result of their hard work, they will be blessed with excellent grades in examinations. The priority for students pursuing post-graduation will always be academics. Their progress is also going to be very satisfactory during this period. Perseverance and hard work will be key factors. Students should learn to ward off any distractions and make maximum good use of this favourable week.


No major problems are foreseen for you with matters pertaining to your health and fitness during this week. It will be a great idea to do some light cardiovascular exercises or go for a walk in the morning. Middle-aged individuals may suffer from issues related to pain in the joints and muscles. They will also need to be careful about ailments that they had been suffering from in the past. Hypertension and diabetes patients must keep a regular tab over their blood pressure and sugar levels. They must follow the diet instructions given to them by their physician to avoid further complications.


What a wonderful week this is for matters pertaining to your money and finance! Planetary influences will ensure that you remain very strong on the financial front throughout this week. Businessmen will be inclined to invest money in a new business venture. Planetary influences will definitely help you succeed in this newly launched venture. However, roll up your sleeves and be prepared to face new challenges head on! Do not shy away from trying something new. Accept these new challenges willingly and keep working to solve them, one step at a time. You will certainly be able to achieve your objective with hard work and perseverance.


Businesses related to cosmetics, items of luxury and female hygiene and beauty products will thrive during this week. The flow of customers on the retail outlets of such products will be amazing! Businessmen dealing with industrial chemicals will be successfully able to increase their sales figures. However, they will need to remain very diligent about timely delivery of goods. Failure to do so may result in monetary losses. Salaried employees will constantly feel insecure at their workplace. This will mainly be because they have not been able to deliver their assignments on time. Instead of feeling depressed, they must aim at improving their overall performance.

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