Libra Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles shall get stuck in some household work. You will receive inviting signs from someone who will find you interesting. As single ones will remain busy they won’t be able to give time to that person. You will also feel reluctant to start a love relationship. Try to take time out and give it a chance. Couples will have a great time together. They may go out for a long drive. Married people may stay anxious because of their significant other’s point of view. The movement of the planets doesn’t suggest this issue will be solved soon. Problems related to any family members can happen. Solve them peacefully and delicately.


This week will prove to be beneficial for students in college as they will receive a part-time job offer or assignment. Having some money in your pocket will make it easier for you to pay the fees. You will also be able to spend money on things you like. This week will also be good for your studies. You will stay focused and concentrated and it will help you prepare for exams. For those who are planning to go to the US or any other countries for further studies will get admission.


There are no serious health issues this week. Although, you will have to take preventive actions from getting small health problems such as common cold and cough. Don’t drink cold water or beverages and if health deteriorates any further see a doctor. Planet Mars holds a strong position over Libra which means you can get hurt on the upper part of your body. So be careful. It will be advantageous for you to wake up early in the morning daily and go for a walk or hit the gym. Physical wellness directly affects mental health.


Good news regarding income this week! Your income will increase which will make you more confident and secure on the financial part. You may get a salary hike or a big deal in your business. Although you may not spend much money on major expenses, it looks like you will expend money for charity. It is good to give your part to society but be careful not to spend too much. It is advisable to stay in your budget. Generally, you will be alright from a financial point of view.


It’s time to cheer for people who own businesses such as, cosmetic products shop, jewellery showroom, ladies fashion wear, etc. More buyers and customers will visit your shop and you will have a great day at sales! Those who are into the business of grains will also have a blast of a time! As more products will get sold, you will receive more income. Manufacturers and factory owners will think about growing their business capacity to amplify sales. Job holders will have to work arduously to reach targets and provide results.

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