Libra Weekly Horoscope 2nd – 8th Aug, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will be under constant pressure from their loved one to get married as soon as possible. However, the pressure of getting married will be so immense, that their relationship will be endangered. Finally, they will figure a way out and start making arrangements to ring their wedding bells! You will be meeting a lot of new people from your social circle at parties or functions. New friendships will develop and you are to have a pleasant time with these new-found friends!


Students pursuing graduation will remain very focused upon their academics. Their concentration will enable them to learn things quickly as well as memorize more efficiently. Their overall progress will be very satisfactory. Students pursuing higher education should not get de-focused or distracted by other things. Besides academics, they may even be presented with a part-time job or an earning opportunity. It will not be a bad idea to accept this job. The money this job offers will be able to support their financial needs. If they learn to organise their time and work hard, their success and academic progress are definitely guaranteed.


Beware of any viral infections or seasonal illnesses catching up with you during this week. Take all due precautionary measures in this regard. Influence of Mars will have a slightly negative impact. There is a risk of injury on the upper part of your body. Diabetics should be particularly careful about their health and sugar levels during this week. Follow the diet instructions given by your physician religiously. Keep monitoring the levels of your blood sugar. If the variations are severe, visit your physician and get the issue rectified with proper medications. Regular body check-up will be a very good idea.


The influence of the planets is very strong and favourable for financial gains during this week. Your overall financial inflow will definitely increase. Businessmen planning to commence a partnership venture can do so successfully. Mercury and Sun seem to be moving through your eleventh house, which is linked with financial gains. Such monetary gains will strengthen your financial capacities substantially. No major accidental expenses are foreseen during this time. Since your financial situation is strong during this week, we recommend that you focus upon saving money for the future. This will prove to be beneficial in the future.


Businesses related to cosmetics, items of luxury and female hygiene and beauty products will thrive during this week. The flow of customers on the retail outlets of such products will be amazing! Businessmen can also try and search for a product which has a large potential market. Businessmen who are capable of meeting the requirements and demands of a valuable customer can negotiate a very fruitful and profitable deal. Salaried employees will be presented with better paying job opportunities. However, planetary influences do not support a change in job during this period. It would be better to continue the present job and increase overall efficiency.

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