Libra Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will fall in love with someone of the opposite sex who has come to reside in the nearby vicinity with parents. The feelings, from both ends, will be mutual. There is something between them that immediately clicks! They decide to meet soon in the near future at a place that is more convenient for expressing themselves. Soon, they both realise that they have been made for each other. Thus, a beautiful new relationship begins! If you have any problems with someone you are close to, take them out for a lunch. Understand the importance of your relationship and tackle the issue at hand gracefully.


Students pursuing graduation are advised to shake off all distractions and concentrate solely upon academics. They must remember, nothing is more important than their career growth at this juncture. The precious time that is slipping by, will never come back again! Success is guaranteed if they continue working hard. Focus and concentration upon education should be their prime objective. Students intending to travel abroad for higher education will successfully get an admission to a university or college of their liking. They will successfully be able to conclude all their travel formalities without any obstacles in the way. Perseverance and hard work will be key factors!


This does not seem to be a very good week for matters concerning your health. Try to avoid visiting places where the level of air pollution is very high. Pain in the muscles and joints will be troublesome. You could consider applying some ointments for relief. Light exercises in the morning like jogging or swimming will help keep you physically fit. The movement of Mars through Aries will have a directly negative influence upon your health. There will be a distinct possibility of getting injured in the upper part of your body. You will need to be careful in this regard. Precaution will be your mantra!


Matters pertaining to your finance and money seem to be very promising during this week. Your financial position will remain very strong during this period. Planetary influences will motivate you to start a new business venture. You shall be successful in starting this new business which will substantially increase your financial inflow. There is also a distinct possibility of spending money for charity causes. No major unforeseen expenses are probable during this week. However, you may spend a certain amount of money for renovation of your residence. It is highly recommended that you plan your finances properly. Do not take any decisions in a haste.


This will be the week when you will need to organise yourself and adopt a well-planned approach towards business. Businessmen will get an opportunity of striking a profitable deal with a valuable customer. However, they will need to be very diligent about timely delivery of goods. Businesses related to cosmetics, items of luxury and female beauty products will thrive during this week. The flow of customers on the retail outlets of such products will be amazing! Salaried employees will feel disoriented and uncomfortable at their workplace for some reason or the other. They will not be able to perform to the satisfaction of their superiors.

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