Leo Weekly Horoscope 2nd – 8th Aug, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will be on a lookout for another likeminded person of the opposite sex to enjoy pleasures of physical intimacy. Planetary influences will support singles in their search. Singles will be able to find a partner and will be able to enjoy what they were looking forward to. The week does not seem to be very favourable for married couples. It will be very crucial for couples to give each other enough time and space. This will help them to maintain the overall peace and harmony within the relationship. The atmosphere within the family will remain joyous and full of positivity.


Students will be going through a very tough phase this week. Students will remain extremely busy handling some difficult situation due to which they will not be able to spare enough time for studies. They will suffer from negative mental anxiety as a result of which they will neither be able to learn well nor memorize effectively. The overall progress of their studies will be adversely affected. Students pursuing higher education will be able to focus and concentrate much better. They will keep academics as their top priority. Their overall progress will be very impressive! Students should meditate during times of stress.


The ruler of your sign is the Sun. The Sun’s movement is extremely crucial for your sign. The influence of the Sun will strengthen your immune system immensely. Do not fear even if you fall sick. Your strong immune system will help you to recover within no time! Diabetics will need to adhere to a very strict diet. They cannot afford to take any liberties during this time. Avoid those mouth water sweets and cold drinks with high sugar content. It will be very helpful to keep a regular tab over your blood sugar levels. Detailed body check-ups are also recommended.


This is going to be a great week for matters related to your finance and money. The inflow of finances is going to remain pretty strong. You will spend a substantial amount of money buying luxurious paraphernalia for comforts. The primary reason behind this is, the planet Venus moving through your twelfth house. Try to budget your finances and keep tight control over unwanted expenses during this week. You will easily be able to manage your routine as well as any incidental expenses. Saving money for the security of your future will be your prime concern. We applaud you for your sincere efforts.


Planetary influence indicates positive progress for businessmen. They will have to work extremely hard to attain their goals. The competition will also be absolutely cutthroat. Plans will need to be changed and strategies will need to be reformulated. You will need to be open to changes if you want to win over the competition. Lowering profit margins, for the time being, will also be a good idea. The quality of goods supplied will also need to be as committed. Salaried employees will be stressed at work for some reason or the other. They should learn to focus and work for additional hours if required by superiors.

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