Karmic Story with Manifestation


Human life is a story in itself. From the time we are born there is always a success followed by failure and vice versa; filled with feelings, emotions and energy. Each individual is a unique entity. However, there is a link to each one of us .Our involvement with various people around us plays a vital role.

Karmic story is of two words – Karmic and a story. Karma means action. An action that creates a result or consequence. The consequences may or may not be to one’s convenience or the expectations set. It may be less than, more than or exactly that which was manifested or total miss together.

How do we reduce the Gap of uncertainty? 

The answer is proper Manifestation. The result or consequence of any action can be manifested positively if the emotional state of the image which we hold at present and the image from which we wish to create are crystal clear.

We also need to understand that the whole story of the human evolution and the internal qualities we possess. The strength, weaknesses we are born with a blueprint acquired from our parents. The multitude of thoughts which comes to us on a daily basis and filtering the required ones by attracting the correct frequency with the positive flow of energy.

Manifestation Techniques

  • Vision Board – A dream board can assist in the art of manifesting.
  • Intention Journal – The intention we set can make our manifestation powerful.
  • Belief Assessment – Our Beliefs can powerfully block our highest dreams. By tapping the subconscious mind through meditative techniques through positive affirmations like “Every Day in Every way I am getting better and better, Negative thoughts and negative impressions leave no impact in my mind.”
  • Gratitude Journal – Every day we can write 10 important events which we were thankful for the universe for the things blessed in the present. It can be anything example Mom made a super Tea today. Ideally, this needs to be practiced in the night time before bed.
  • Bedtime Reprogramming – Our subconscious mind directs more than 90% of our lives. There are 3 levels of frequency Alpha level, beta level and Theta Level. Theta is an intriguing border between the conscious and subconscious worlds.
  • Prayer Practice – Regular prayers helps in restoring the positive thoughts and controls our movements in a clear manner. Goals can be easily achieved if Prayers are done with proper intentions.
  • Self-Visualization – This can be achieved by using proper meditative tool. It can be through Reiki, Yoga or any other methods which involves focus of the breath.

When all these Shifts happens deep within the core DNA of yours can experience the manifestation being completed.

Srinivasan Nathan

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