Kachru – The Garbage Cleaner

Kachru is the garbage cleaner of our society. Every morning at 6 AM he arrives at the doors and collects the garbage. He very meticulously segregates the same into wet waste and dry waste. A very lean methodology adopted by him. In case, if you happen to put the dry waste into wet waste and vice versa ,he would put up a smile and say “Kya Saab/Madam kal rath ko soya nahin kya ?” (English Translation: What sir, didn’t you sleep last night?). Kachru is known for his honesty and punctuality, I recall an instance wherein one day, my wallet was accidentally put in the trash and it was returned back by Kachru post the careful scrutiny of the garbage he had collected. 

Without any education background, he has adopted the 5s ( Sort , Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain). 

I asked one day where did he learn from . Instant was the reply, “Saab , hum logo ka kaam Building ko saaf rakna hain aur 25 Saal maine kaam kiya toh kuch achaa hi karoonga na ?” (English Translation: Sir, our work is to keep building clean, and I guess after twenty five years, experience does count).

Kachru has been forefront in imparting education to the new cleaners in the society and if there is anything improper done by the trainees, he corrects them immediately.

Every 7th of the Month is the Salary day of Kachru – 12000 INR (160USD) and he manages his family chores. Which makes me ponder, that money is important aspect of life but more important are the positive characteristics and personality traits you possess in which you get recognized. There are opinions which every person has got, however we need to have our conscience cleared. Its not vital that you need to blow your own trumpet but it’s the quality which matters.

Interestingly, Kachru in the process of Garbage picking has instilled in my mind that he is a leader in his own field. He is a social influencer and maximizes the efforts of others, towards achievement of a goal. Motivation, Dedication, Honesty, Sincerity and Punctuality are the Key Result Areas (KRAs) we call in the Corporate world. As mentioned earlier, Kachru though uneducated has learnt the effectiveness skill with the passage of times and really stands tall. A day without Kachru in our Society leaves our building and house in a Mess. A message in our whatsapp group comes – Aaj Kachra wala nahin aaya ? (English Translation: Was our garbage cleaner absent today?)

An importance which Kachru has created in his field.

Author: Srinivasan Nathan

Srinivasan Nathan

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