It’s Time for Africa – South Africa’s (Almost) Back on the Cards for International Travelers

It’s Time for Africa – South Africa’s (Almost) Back on the Cards for International Travelers

The South African state president announced on Sunday that leisure travel is once again allowed within the country for local residents.

This means, the country’s starting to take some huge steps towards normal activity after a five-month lockdown which has seen both international and provincial borders closed.

Tourism institutions all over the country are breathing a huge sigh of relief thanks to this recent move which has seen tourism-related industries teetering on the edge of survival.

What This Means for You

With recovery rates hovering at around 80% South Africa seems well on its way to recovering from the health challenges posed by the pandemic. Now, the country’s focus has turned towards piecing back their struggling economy once again.

This has two benefits for international travelers hoping to visit the country soon.

Firstly, the rand-dollar exchange rate is massively in favor of US travelers at the moment, so if you book and pay now, you’re going to save a bundle on accommodation and flights.You need only compare prices on search engines like to see what we mean.

Secondly, tourism operators, airlines, and accommodation outlets have got their horns locked in competition for business. That means you’re bound to pick up some never-to-be-repeated bargains while planning your holiday.

Another reason to book as soon as possible comes from a survey done at the height of the pandemic which suggests a huge demand for travel to Africa as soon as international travel opens up.

On a safety note, the preliminary opening of domestic tourism, gives operators a chance to fine-tune their safety protocols in preparation for the rush. 

There’s never been a better time to book your South African vacation than now. So, start planning.

When to Visit South Africa

There’s no bad time to visit South Africa.  The country boasts mild weather year-round and a staggering array of activities to suit every season.

The average summer temperature for the country is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, while the mercury tends to hover around 63 degrees Fahrenheit in winter.

For example, while summer might be the best time to visit Cape Town, winter is the peak season for safaris. You could easily spend several months in the country without experiencing a dull moment, so the timing’s really up to you.

It’s impossible to predict whether international travel will open up before 2021, so aim for next year when planning your vacation. Nobody’s going to complain if you want to move your trip earlier thanks to an unexpected easing of restrictions.

Getting Around the Country

The major centers in the country have a solid tourist infrastructure in place, with buses, trains and cabs to cater to your inter-city transport needs. You’ll find extensive car hire options available too.

The most convenient, quick, and cost-effective way to travel between major destinations in this vast country is via cheap domestic flights.

Currently, booking flights with flysafair costs less now than it did in 2013, with tickets going for less than $30 for a one-way trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town!

Major Tourist Highlights

Not convinced yet? Here’s a snapshot of what South Africa has in store for you once you arrive:

Cape Town

The Mother City’s the darling of foreign tourists from across the globe. The city and surrounds overflow with amazing vistas, iconic landmarks, and fascinating historical sights.

Here you can dine on some of the world’s finest cuisine prepared by acclaimed chefs or enjoy local delicacies at bustling markets and artisan eateries.

You can dip your toes in one of the two oceans bordering the city, sunbathe on pristine white-sand beaches, or head out of town on unique wine-related adventures.

The city’s within close proximity of big five game reserves, stunning marine environments, and excellent opportunities for high adrenaline activities. It also offers a thriving culture of artistic creativity too, with hundreds of theatres and galleries to choose from.


This hotspot of commerce and industry also boasts a wealth of historic attractions, theme parks and outdoor fun.

Johannesburg offers easy access to the Kruger National Park and other amazing wildlife destinations filled with interesting and unique birds and animals.

Despite its city atmosphere, this metropolis is surrounded by green spaces for relaxation and entertainment and it’s well worth spending a few days here to explore the city fully.


Durban’s an oftenunder-rated destination for international travelers. This laid-back seaside city has a beautiful promenade filled with markets and interesting activities as well as an exceptionally welcoming climate.

You can swim in the warm Indian ocean all year round and the area’s a popular destination for avid surfers willing to pit their skills against the waves.

Entertainment’s what it’s all about in Durban where you’ll find water parks, casinos, fun fairs, and shopping malls offering different events every week.

Durban’s also the gateway to a host of inland treasures like the unspoiled Wild Coast, verdant Midlands, towering Drakensberg, and big game action of the St Lucia Wetland area.

More Reasons to Visit South Africa

There are some activities that you can enjoy in almost every area of the country.

You’ll find quaint small villages where you can enjoy artisan food, wine, and beer wherever you go. You can hike and birdwatch in numerous protected areas and parks, climb mountains, and ride horses through the wilderness wherever you go.

The country’s filled with historic sites, sweeping landscapes and archaeological treasures as well as thriving cities offering all the modern conveniences.

Cultural tours offer insights into an enormous diversity of cultures in South Africa, and you’ll have no trouble making friends among the easy-going, welcoming locals.

As long as you use your common sense when deciding where to go, you’ll be totally safe in South Africa.

South Africans of all backgrounds have a natural inclination towards hospitality and can’t wait to welcome you back. Don’t leave them waiting too long.

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