Interview with Vibhu Maurya, Owner of Multiple Ventures and a Successful Trader

Q. How did you get your Idea or concept for the business?

I have multiple business-Like Manganese Mining, Real Estate, Night Clubs, and Stock Trading. But, let’s talk about this buzzing start-up Techy Trading. As a businessman, I feel it’s essential to have multiple businesses to fall back on, so I initially invested significantly less amounts like $1000 in trading and then lost it in the market. That was my first loss, and everything in life happens for a reason, I think that was a lesson that escalated my entrepreneur skills. I took the stance to educate myself through constructive research, so I started gaining knowledge from books, blogs, everywhere I could. I have read more than 42 books of economics, and I tried to decipher the financial evolution Indicators that worked for real. Later on, I observed the market very minutely for almost a span of 3 years. After that, I created a hefty sum of a portfolio of $7 Million in a year from just $100,000.

So, I just realized about another uncovered domain and asked myself – why can’t I make this thing available for ordinary people in a much easier way with the use of technology. Then, I decided to launch TechyTrading (IG: @techytrading) that works automatically. It’s like a person who has knowledge of almost every single book available in the market. I can bet no one can be as smarter as our robot.

Q. What was your mission at the outset?

The prime mission at the inception of the Techy Trading – Digital Start-up was to diminish the gap that exists in the two-tier economy and reckoning the purchasing power of the individuals from all sections of the society to create a balanced world having financial freedom and digital awareness.

Q. When did you “charter” the business?

I have so many Business which I charted, Like (Sadbhav Minerals Pvt Ltd in 2016), MDBPL in 2012, Oracle Realinfra Ltd in 2014. But this start-up is charted in 2020 under the house of Sadbhav Group Limited, London (UK)

Q. How many employees?

We have more than 200 Employees across different business ventures. But for this Techy Trading start-up, we have in our panel, recruited – 24 Software Engineers, 4 Graphics Designers, 2 Senior App Developers 1 ML Engineer, and 3 Marketing Personnel.

Q. To what do you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to my family support, especially my dad. To be honest, If they have not inspired me to do something different apart from the mainstream lucrative corporate career, I would not have gathered the courage to be a changemaker. I seriously believe the fact that it is in our hands to turn ideas into reality.

Q. What do you look for in an employee?

The most important thing to us is that they fit into our corporate culture. We look for people who are self-motivated and who do not need to be managed.

We need them to be what we call triple threats:

-They have to be able to do the work.
-They have to be able to work and communicate with their peers.
-They have to be able to work and be engaging and friendly with the customers to provide the best service to the end-users.

Q. What’s your company’s goals?

Our Vision in the long-run for the company is to create a benchmark in the Trading and Investing world so that we are projected as #1 In the world by 2025 in the Fintech field. With our AI/ML-based trading Robot and Application expertise, which embarks as the one of a kind experiences for the end-users.

Q. What is unique about your business?

Umm as you can see, people work for their life just to earn a living and at the end are left with a tiny amount of savings because they don’t know where to invest when to invest, and they have no clue about the outcome of where their money and time goes.

So, our start-up ventures basically provide them financial freedom with an ace. Suppose if someone has a Job of $25000, he would be willing to go for an additional gig and what he can do is, start by investing only  10% of it through techy trader our robot, he will support his 8% of that 10% amount in Long term investment and put 2% as for intraday trading. Eventually, they saw huge Profits with only 10% of their capital and also our ML is always updated continuously as they learn from the current market situation in the dynamic economic environment, so that it reduces the monetary loss chances by less than below 1% so they can actually beat the inflation.

Q. Have you patented your AI/ML robotics?

Absolutely, we have “IP” Intellectual Property Registered.

Q. What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

Actually, when you talk about Fintech, it comes with social responsibility, you have to be very keen on every aspect of the market. Because you can’t take the risk of monetary insecurity of your Clients at any time frame. I ensure that my employees are motivated continuously. I give them the liberty to be a part of the decision-making process, so they can be having the utmost inspiration to be goal-driven and enthusiastic for the betterment of the company’s portfolio.

Q. What made you choose this type of business?

It is what I am good at and what I enjoy. But more importantly, there is an endless market for a computer, networking, and software. IT services, fintech, and other multifaceted segments and the business environment is not constricted in one place.

Q. Does your company help the community where it is located?

We are located in 3 countries, the United Kingdom, the USA, and India. My company has provided Pandemic help to almost 20,000 Families, keeping in mind the dire situation of the deprived sections of the society. In the UK and the USA, we didn’t cut any salaries of our employees. We ensure the humility of the employees and make sure that we stand by them and their families in these trying times.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, and wanted to be like you?

I would like the new-age start-ups and the young minds trying to put their best foot forward towards entrepreneurship, to be very knowledge bound but having a free mind like me so that they can shift their business in the desired market that works for them. As I said, research is the key to smart investment and enriching results.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to read books, and I also like to listen to music that helps me as a soothing getaway. I also enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my pets and, of course, family.

Q. Have ever considered venturing into your hobbies?

Actually, I already did. I was always interested in the Bollywood Industry to a great deal. I formulated my own production company, ANT Entertainment, and my first debut investment in the movie “Bhagte Raho” which caused a buzzing controversy with its success and performance.

Right now, I am planning to start a new project with the Bollywood celebrity “Akshay Kumar” which is still in progress at the end of 2021.

Q. Suppose you didn’t enter the world of business, then what path would you have taken instead?

I always believed in some societal impact through my work. If not the business world, then I would have preferred to go for Non-Profits and serve the deprived by the embedding change-making attitude and optimism.

Q. If anyone wanted to contact you for further information, how can they do so?

The interested parties can mail me at my official mail id ( for now, and if they want to know more, our team is relentlessly working in building an advanced website of Techy Trading that will be live soon.

Or Can Contact me through Instagram (IG: –@vibhuumaurya)

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