Importance of Gemstones and their Utilization

As indicated by Vedic astrologers, benefic or malefic planets show their outcomes in the midst of Mahadasha, Antardasha and travel. The outcomes given by the planets rely upon the quality and the connection of planets put in one’s horoscope. In the event that a planet is feeble in the diagram, the outcomes identified with that planet or house will likewise be correspondingly frail in spite of the way that that planet may be solid during travel. This is the place the significance of gemstones lie. Wearing a gemstone, with regards to Khannagems, of the planet that is feeble in your outline makes it more grounded and you are additionally honored with the forces and positive parts of that planet, too.

Other than this, gemstones are seen as a useful asset in Crystal gazing which has the ability to offer vitality to the frail/feeble planets which are beneficial in the horoscope. Each planet has its own gemstone as per the shading and the relying on the limit of the gem to pull in the astronomical beams of that particular planet in it.

In antiquated occasions, gem were famous to the point that the lords used to wear them as rings and decorate them even in their crowns as they are accepted to bring riches and achievement separated from shielding one from the malefic planets.

Gems have an unmistakable charm and splendor. These gemstones are cut finely by experienced gem authorities. In Ayurveda, gems are given uncommon essentialness as they are commonly used to treat certain sicknesses. Curiously some of the struck debris of certain particular gems is utilized as a piece of Ayurveda to fix even some genuine maladies.

Gemstones have enchanted and optical, mending and inestimable properties powerful to fortify the frail planets in one’s horoscope. Gems are invigorated with exceptional mantras before wearing to give most extreme advantages to the wearer.

Gemstones as per the month

January: Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone of individuals conceived in the period of January. It is a lovely red hued gemstone and is likewise connected with Aquarius zodiac sign.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst is the fortunate stone for individuals conceived in February. It is a wonderful violet hued gemstone which has thoughtful and quieting properties.

March: Bloodstone

Bloodstone is the gem for individuals conceived in Spring. Bloodstone is green in shading with red spots. It is generally found in Cabochon cut. Red spots were accepted to be the blood of Jesus and this stone is accepted to have marvelous forces.

April: Diamond

Gems are the most valuable diamond found on the Earth. Individuals conceived in April are recommended to wear diamond. This beauteous pearl should recuperate and furthermore means love and endlessness.

May: Emerald

Individuals conceived in May should don Emerald for karma and flourishing. Numerous around the globe love this extreme green shaded gem. It is likewise connected with prophetic planet Buddha or Mercury.

June: Pearl

Pearl represents virtuousness and unobtrusiveness. Individuals conceived in June should don Pearl. Pearl is considered as an advantage stone which can be worn by a person with a frail Moon.

July: Ruby

Ruby has the ability to get amicability the life of the wearer. Individuals conceived in July are proposed to don Ruby. Ruby is the stone of the decision planet, Sun.

August: Peridot

Individuals conceived in August should wear Peridot. It shields one from shades of malice, especially from the powers of murkiness. It additionally has mending powers. Peridot comes in numerous excellent shades of green.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire is the gemstone for those conceived in September. Sapphire is the valuable pearl accessible in a scope with all things considered, be that as it may, blue sapphire is the most famous kind of this gem. Sapphire has clinical and just as profound recuperating properties.

October: Opal

For the individuals who are conceived in October, Opal is their conventional birthstone. Opal comes in various assortments and is an uncommon gem. This is the reason; it is one of the most well known gemstones on the planet.

November: Citrine

Citrine is a valuable gemstone having a place with the Quartz family. Individuals conceived in November should wear this stone, yet in the wake of counseling an astrologer. Citrine makes it wearer progressively free, diverting and loaded with energy.

December: Tanzanite

The birthstone for December, Tanzanite is an unprecedented gemstone as it has a profoundly one of a kind blue shading which is not quite the same as the shades of the various blue precious stones. It permits the wearer to be progressively expressive and enables them to push their cutoff points and look for one’s actual reason throughout everyday life.

Liquid Considerations

Some gemstone examples include extraordinary interior cavities inside their structure. In a perfect world, these pits are little. In any case, that isn’t the perfect circumstance. These pits are regularly involved by a liquid, for example, water or saline. These holes can likewise contain fluid carbon dioxide or characteristic hydrocarbon mixes.

Strikingly, Topaz stone, Beryl and Quartz are a portion of the gemstones that are known to have liquid incorporations and opal have an incredibly high-water content. This can add up to 30% fluid silica gel or hydrated silicon dioxide. This fluid is liable for creating the clear rainbow shades in opal’s play of shading.


The nearness of these glorious stones are accepted to be existed from old occasions as these have been the basic piece of lives of sages and holy people since ages or could be enunciated as from a huge number of years. It has been a piece of profound examination and exploration in our logical areas including numerous researchers because of astounding potencies of certain gems and the investigation of this peculiar picture is still on stroll with some left over confirmations like Agnipuranas and hardly any different sacred texts involving the portrayal of powerful jewels. It has been referenced in conventions with the noteworthy shrines and have been seen to be existed much before the times of creation.

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