How Travis Guterman’s Support Network Elevated His Career

Travis Guterman

While some believe Social Media platforms are a fad that will fade sooner rather than later, Guterman turned his love for YouTube into a tremendously fulfilling business management career. The majority of his business management peers do not understand content driven internet brands, and therefore have overlooked representing digital talent. Guterman’s business has continued to thrive as he specializes in this segment of the entertainment industry and has delivered massive results for each of his clients. 

In high school, when most kids his age were hanging out, Guterman had an internship at Merrill Lynch. During his internship, he learned the foundational aspects of investing and to prioritize financial planning. Guterman also took summer business classes at a local community college. With on the job experience at this level, success became a forgone conclusion. 

After college, Guterman worked with a large investment firm and an entertainment tech startup. With his skills developed and finely tuned, he was prepared for an organic transition into celebrity business management. His roster of clients include pro athletes, YouTubers, influencers, and traditional entertainers. As a personal CFO for his clients, he utilizes an integrated method of addressing his clients’ needs. His goal is to help them achieve their short and long term financial goals. 

Guterman’s biggest piece of advice for his clients is to consider how their financial decisions play out in the grand scheme of their lives. This approach can sometimes be summarized as the rocking chair method. Essentially, before you decide what to do, picture yourself in a rocking chair at 80 years old and decide if this decision is one you will be proud of or not. Then decide if it will be something you can honestly say helped you achieve your lifelong goals. He educates clientele that making large impulsive purchases, often can have massive consequences. Guterman also stresses the significance of “paying yourself first.” In other words, before spending anything, put a certain percent of cash flow to the side to account for taxes, long term goals, and retirement. 

Guterman has been blessed to have the support of people he can rely on for exceptional advice. His family consistently encourages him to reach for and attain a life of happiness. Since we are who we keep around us, Guterman would not be who he is today without the fantastic mentorship he received from friends, family and colleagues. 

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