How to select a venue for an event

Wedding venues in Kolkata, or any other part of India like the banquet halls in Chennai have seperate sets of rules of booking and organisation. Despite all the rules and cultural differences all around the country, one needs to understand a few set of rules before deciding a particular venue for their event. These are simple and quite straight a way accurate in their way.

1.  Decide the type of event

Before anything that is out of space or clumsy, understand your major requirement. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party, success party, or any other sort of celebration which marks the best out of the wedding venues.

The banquet halls in Chennai have their own set of specialities. They all differ in their own speciality of events. So, your search and shortlist should be based upon your need and speciality of function.

2.  Choose a preferred area

Banquet halls are all scattered all around the city, have some special landmarks which are divided on the basis of areas. For example there are few wedding venues in Kolkata, which might be closer to the airport or any other mode of transport which makes it easier to travel there.

3.  Count the total number of guests

Decide beforehand, how many guests might turn up in your event. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the government has restricted total number gatherings. But, chose wisely, depending upon the size and area of your halls.

4.  Costing

Any investment meant for a wedding or any other event should be spent on things in that area. Your budget should of utmost importance, before ending up into any sort of final booking. The booking should be personal and within your desired price range, for banquet halls or wedding venues.

5.  The inner decoration of the venue

The decoration of any halls, are dependent upon your event. But the type of event would not affect the speciality of a hall. What is already pretty, in their furniture and other features remain beautiful with the decoration. 

6.  Reviews

At the end of the day, before choosing a wedding venue, one needs to check all the reviews and testimonials given by their earlier clients. No wonder, this is going to act as a basis of you understanding the policies of your chosen place but also a better storyteller for your own event.

Customer reviews might easily be available on their Google Listing, and social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, you might check on the real testimonials of organic clients on other wedding and event management websites like myMandap and Venues are supposed to have a proper review section undoubtedly.

Apart from all the above points, your own choice and credibility is of utmost importance because without that one might end up into a fraud scam as well. Without visiting the wedding venues meeting all the heads of the banquets halls it is really foolish to send the booking amount. Invest on something that fulfills all your requirements and has trustworthy goodwill.

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