How to Pick the Right Lamp for Your Home Decor


How great lamps are to the feel and look of a home can’t be exaggerated. While you may have outlined and furnished your rooms with affection and care, you’ll find that the light will eventually contribute to how others perceive the place.

Picking a suitable lamp for your home needs consideration and information about available features and options. Given the accessibility of numerous types of lighting options and lights such as table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, downlighters, wall lamps reading lamps, chandeliers and hanging lamps, to name a few, this becomes even more prominent.

When choosing lamps, you have to perceive and decide what you need the lights for. What kind of actions or tasks will be completed in your room and what type of lighting should you present so the functions can be achieved? Will the room be sufficiently lit by the lamp of interest? Do you need to draw attention to a unique object or design? What kind of mood do you want to create? Those are the kind of questions you’ll have to answer before making a decision.

Generally, lamps are used in three ways. They provide light to carry out specific tasks like sewing, reading and cooking. Usually, these kinds of lamps, which are called task lamps, need to be radiant. Lamps also offer enough light to rooms so that people can move and observe objects and other individuals. Ambient lamps build a mood for the room as well. These lamps don’t need to be as bright as task lamps. Third, lamps can be used to attract attention to or accentuate an object or area. These lamps are known as accent lamps. But usually, to save space, most lamps can be multi-functional and used in all three ways discussed above.


We will now look at a few of the lighting choices available.

Floor lamps are a great source of ambient light and also act as accent lamps. They can light up individual tasks if well placed. They come in a huge variety of sizes, brands and styles. When selecting a floor lamp, the vital thing to consider is where you want to place it, the type of light it will present and the amount of area it will take up.

Table Lamps have one characteristic feature that separates them from other kinds of lamps; they are incredibly portable. Table lamps can function as ambient lamps, task lamps and accenting lamps efficiently. They can also be used to add a polish of beautiful flair, even when they are not utilized. Table lamps are usually adjustable and their shades too can be altered as required.

Hanging paper lanterns while remarkably decorative and high on saving space, they may not suit all tastes. However, if you look hard and are determined enough, you may find or create one that will suit the feel and look of your room. They are suitable for ambient lighting since they do not take up any floor space; they are great for places where people congregate.

Conventional hanging lamps and Wall lamps can be used for ambient lighting and for emphasizing. They can come in different types and can be made to suit any decorative styles you need. They too do not take up any space on your floor.

In the end, when you pick lamps, you have to take your own decorating, lighting and spatial necessities into account and match them with feasible options to produce the best results.

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