How to Make Your Bathroom Trendy

Every year, bathroom remodelling will bestow upon us the most modern bathroom trends or ways to make our homes cozy and keep up with the latest upgrades. The most fashionable bathroom trends are eternally a focal point. The bathroom is usually the ignored room. 

We have some bathroom trends for the post COVID era to help with your plans and make your life easier.

With the prevailing economic conditions, many families choose to stay in their current house instead of looking for a different property. Our children have grown and space is a puzzle. You purchased a home when there were only two of you. Your family has evolved into four people, and you may feel like you need to make an appointment. Your time is not a blissful hour anymore – you’re lucky to get forty minutes of uninterrupted time. Here are a few bathroom trends.

Luxury Spa on a budget

In our pre-COVID days, we’ve relished the richness of a hotel spa, but how do you get that in your house? A few traits added to your bathroom as part of your remodelling will give you that leisure again. Make your new bathtub a bigger size with whirlpool jets. As you look at the tub in the store, don’t be scared to climb in and see where the jets will hit your body for supreme relief. If you have ample space to add a tiny table for wines and candles, that’s great. But you can also buy a tub with a flat edge that will provide the cover for everything.

Large Tiles

You were probably too idealistic to see this detail in your hotel spa, but it had extensive ceramic tiles on the walls. The new trend involves larger simple tiles as they present an open feeling to the bathroom area and make the room seem bigger. Even the most attractive small tiles that are imposing themselves and look great on Amazon will make the bathroom space a little more cramped, a little less roomy.


When I’m in a hurry, the shower is better than soaking in a bathtub. The refreshing spray stimulates every part of your body. In 2020, you can quickly go for a new shower head with wireless remote controls to start the water flowing while you’re sipping a coffee on your bed. Warm water set at your temperature will be running by the time you get to the bathroom. The controls have a water temperature converter for both cold and warm water.

Adding Music to Bathroom

As you pass out in the water with your eyes closed, soothing music will take you to your private utopia. Waterproof sound systems can be molded into the shower and tub areas to give you the full impact. Considering that you are handling both moisture and electricity, a double-insulated wire is a must.

Steam Cabins

While the hot rushing water is therapeutic, there is even more stimulation from steam. Steam systems say they help you work up 300 calories per session. These cabins sit nicely in a tiny corner of the room and come with monsoon showerheads and potent jets.

Each steam cabin has four to six massaging jets, a steam shower head wand, lights and mirrors to work on those tired muscles.

I hope you loved the trends above. Whether you want a timed shower or whirlpool, you can have a spa like adventure in your own home.

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