How to Make a PDF File


Does the PDF file format intimidate you? Some people shy away from working with PDF files, not out of fear, but because they’ve heard rumors of the complicated steps they’ll need to take to create and work with a PDF document.

Relax! Working with PDF files is neither difficult nor time-consuming. 

Read today’s post and learn how to make a PDF file. You’ll be glad you did!

First Things First

People fling acronyms around more and more and assume we all know what they mean. In case you’re not familiar with the background of the PDF file format, here’s a brief look.

The acronym stands for “portable document format.”  Even if you’ve not worked much with PDF files, you’re likely familiar with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.  

The first one is the free version of a software program created to read PDF files. Today, just about anyone who owns a computer has Reader installed, but if you don’t, you can download it. Acrobat is the paid version, and in addition to reading, it allows the user to create, edit, and print PDF files.

PDF  technology isn’t new—it debuted in the early 1990s— but we’re still in love with it today. 

No matter what device you use to view it, a PDF file will look the same. Consistency wins every time!

How to Make a PDF File

Don’t get too bogged down in the technical details of PDF creation. All you need to do is go to the program on your computer, where you can create your document file. Whether you have the software from Adobe, or you’re using a program from another vendor, the process should look similar.

First, open the PDF software and look for the prompt “Create PDF.” It’s likely under the “Tools” menu. You’ll have several options for file types, including

  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Scan
  • Other

Once you select the file type, go ahead, and click “Create.” Depending on the file type, you might need to click “Next.”

Your last step is to convert to PDF and save your new file. 

Can I Edit My New PDF File?

Now that you’ve mastered creating and converting  PDF files, you’re wondering whether you can edit or maybe even convert them back to your original file type. In short, yes, you can!

Using the right application, you can edit text and add content to your PDF. If you’re into  Android  .NET, GAE, or Java development, you’ve likely used c# itextsharp to create and manipulate PDF documents. It’s only one of the tools available!

We won’t drill down into the more complex aspects of working with these applications. For now, it’s time to get busy creating a PDF. 

Are You Ready?

We hope after reading our quick guide to how to make a PDF file, you’ll give it a try. 

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