How to Improve Your Working Memory?


When it comes to memory, the three types we should be concerned about are working memory term, short term and long term. This article will cover the working memory and we are going to present five solid tips on how to increase it.

All three types are essential for the tasks you set. For instance, as a football referee, short term perception is necessary while giving the yellow card, but so is the long term for recollecting laws — the same concerns arise when you are leading an organization and are about to take an important decision. Being able to recall what’s wrong requires both, but you better make sure your working memory is sharp.

What is Working Memory?

As per the definition, it a more mobile version of short term consciousness primarily because it is continually evaluating the data. This allows your mind to clutch to it for a longer duration. However, there is still a gray area as far as this definition is concerned. Experts always try to reach a standard denominator in understanding just how long working memory can preserve information.

You use working memory to perform everyday tasks. Sometimes you do this unintentionally, such as remembering your girlfriend’s address. When you do this, you are probably not thinking about using it. It just happens spontaneously. The area people want to work on is the capacity to be able to recall more working memory. Most individuals can retain up to four, with specialists believing a limit of eight different pieces of data being the limit.

How to improve working memory? 

Regular training is one way; doing the right workout and eating the right food. 

Here are five ways to improve it.

  1. Complicated Books: Some may not choose the first tip but to simply put it, read long books. Today, reading seems to be focused around short paras, 144 character tweets, and short stuffs to get their point across, such as this article. Look for books that seem complex with long sentence structure that appear challenging.
  2. Use your mind for calculation: Rather than going for your iPhone’s calculator, try to solve that bank deposit in your head. Do this first before using the calculator, but only use the latter to check you got it correct. Use your head to estimate stuff out. 
  3. Do Yoga and breathing exercises: Breathe through your nose and hold the breath for 4 seconds and exhale through your mouth. Do this two times a day, doing fifteen repetitions each time. There are also extra benefits to doing this, which we won’t go into here, but this exercise is also suitable for people who often experience panic attacks. 
  4. Video Games: Video games may catch many people’s wrath, but as a memory retainer, they can prove valuable. Retaining positions and players are an important part for most video games and an excellent way to improve working memory.
  5. Play brain training games: Besides video games, mind games could involve something as easy as a Sudoku game or crossword puzzle. Get in the practice of spending a little time daily playing a brain-teaser style of play.

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