How to Improve your Reasoning Skills?

‘Reasoning’ is a process of thinking logically to reach to some conclusion. It has a direct impact on how we comprehend any new information or experience. It determines how we react to various situations, arguments and claims. There is no doubt that a person with strong reasoning skills will make better decisions, will have better problem-solving skills, will do better analysis of information, will be good at planning, and will be bound to have a key to a successful career. Reasoning skills are important to you especially if you are a school/college student, a professional or an aspirant of exams like UPSC IES, IBPS PO, SSC CGL, RRB Grade B, etc.

It is clear that good reasoning skills will be of great help in our interpersonal relationships, at work, at school, at some upcoming job interview or competitive exams like UPSC EPFO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CHSL, UPPSC, etc. So better reasoning skills will help us take on life more efficiently. There are a number of ways that can contribute to improving our Reasoning Skills. We’ll be discussing the best tips that will sharpen your Reasoning Skills and help you perform better in every front of your life.

Tips to improve your Reasoning Skills

Get Involved in Activities that Require Critical Thinking

The best way to get involved in such activities is getting engaged in new hobbies and trying out new things. Try picking activities out of your comfort zone. This is the best way to exercise your mind. The brain is like the other muscles in the body, the more you use it the better it’ll get.

Another thing you can try is solving puzzles, sudoku, word search, crossword, riddles, brain-teasers, etc. These activities will stimulate your brain, engage you in critical thinking and improve your ability to reason.

Practice Reasoning Questions

Another way to strengthen your Reasoning Skills is by regularly practising questions. It will help with regular exercise of the mind. Not only practice questions but also ask questions. Start thinking about the things that you accept as facts. Asking questions will help you in approaching situations in a more creative and logical way. When you ask questions, you start thinking more critically.

Exercise More

Physical Exercise has a positive effect on your thinking and memory. Exercise helps in better concentration, learning and thinking & reasoning. Try to include exercise in your day to day routine as it helps in better mental stimulation. Incorporate at least a 20-minute workout session in your daily routine as it’ll do wonders to your mental health. Exercising on a daily basis also reduces the stress level.

Debate and Socialize with Others

Debating and social interaction will improve your thinking and analysis. Socializing more will broaden your perspective. Debating is a great way of improving Reasoning Skills as it involves good decision-making skills and logical thinking.

Start Playing Games that Need Reasoning Skills

Start playing strategic games like chess or word games like scrabble, etc. Start indulging in games that involve attention and thinking processes. Playing chess and checker to enhance your reasoning or maybe get yourself a Rubik’s cube and try solving it. You can also indulge in various online games that involve critical thinking.

We encourage you to practice the tips we shared with you in this article. Better reasoning skills will not only help you conquer the world but also make you a better human being. We are positive that the aforesaid tips will change your logical perspective for better.

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