How to Draw an Octopus


Octopuses are eight-armed marine mollusk that exists on the ocean floor and sadly, on our serving plate. They are invertebrates with a soft body, which makes them extremely flexible. Three hundred species of octopuses are known to humans. The Giant Octopus weighs up to 22 pounds and measures 22 feet in length. The smallest one is the Californian octopus, which is only 0.03ft (1cm) long.

All octopuses are deadly. They swim headfirst with arms trailing behind. They eat snails, fish, crabs, shrimp, and even other octopuses. They have a short life span of 1-5 years.

Drawing tools needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil

Drawing an Octopus

We consider the outline of an octopus resting on the ocean floor with all arms spread.

Head: Octopuses have big heads. In effect, they only have arms and a head. All organs are in the head itself.

  1. Draw a big bulb-shaped composition with its thin end facing down.
  2. Do not join the thin edges.
  3. Sketch a short line outwards from each of the 2 ends.

Eyes: Octopuses have cute little eyes on each end of their heads and have excellent eyesight.

  1. Draw a large ‘O’ towards the bottom end of the head.

Arms: As the name suggests, octopuses have 8 arms, and they are 4 times the size of their body.

  1. Sketch a curve from the left of the bottom half of the head.
  2. Sketch another curve similar and parallel to the first one, joining at the tip.
  3. Draw another curve from the right side crack of the first arm.
  4. Similarly, complete the arm.
  5. Draw 8 arms like the ones uniformly placed around the head.
  6. Curves for arms can be in any form and need not match each other, but the length and size should be exactly the same
  7. Make sure all 8 arms are joined in a webbed manner around the head.

Suction cups: Octopuses have 2 rows of suction cups on all arms. Since the octopus we are considering is resting, the suction cups will not be entirely visible.

  1. Draw a series of small ‘c’ under the forearms for the suction cups.

Octopuses have 3 hearts (like my ex, who gave away his hearts to three different girls. Yes, it broke mine 🙁 ), and its lips are at the centre point of arms. They have a hard parrot-like beak. Octopus can disguise to blend onto the background. They are also known for their intellect.

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