How Jumping Over Trampoline Helps you in Reducing FAT?

Everyone loves trampolines whether you are a kid or an adult, but there are many benefits of jumping over the trampoline, it can help you in stay fit and in good shape, and today we are going to show you what are the other benefits of jumping over the trampoline and how it can help you in reducing body weight?

Whenever a person starts jumping over the trampoline it feels a force in its body and it also increases the heart rate of the person, which can help in increasing the blood flow to the whole body, and thus creating a HIIT workout, which then helps in burning a lot of calories.

Do you know that jumping is 68% more effective than your half-hour running? It is found out in research conducted by NASA that jumping is more efficient in increasing the heart rate than running and you can easily burn 400-500 calories in 45 minutes of trampoline jumping.

And in one another study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), they found that 20 minutes of trampoline jumping burns as much as calories as running 10kmph for the same amount of time. You can read about this study from here if you want.

There are other health benefits of jumping over trampoline-like:

  • It improves the blood circulation of the body.
  • It improves balance and coordination.
  • It increases bone density if you take a balanced diet.
  • Increase core strength and muscle strength.
  • Improves the metabolism which helps in burning more calories.

When you first start the trampoline workout, it first increases your heart rate which then boosts the oxygen levels over your body, and then you will feel more alert and this will help you in preventing type-2 diabetes.

And if you don’t know, doing any kind of workout releases good hormones inside our body which will help us in keeping active and happy during the rest of the day, and the name of some of the hormones are adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin.

People prefer running whenever they start feeling lazy, but running can harden your joints and can lead to orthopedic injuries. But Trampoline is similar to running but the trampoline absorbs the shock which results in less impact on your hips, joints, and spine.

The higher you increase your heart rate the higher the calorie burn, you can easily do some 30-minute workout while watching TV, and there are hundreds of trampoline workouts available over YouTube that you can use to stay consistent.

There are various types of trampolines available in the market that you can choose from, like mini trampolines, heavy ones, etc. But it is confusing for some people who are beginners so there is an article which covers the best heavy trampolines, that you can use to pick one for your needs.

How Jumping Helps in Losing Weight

When you start jumping on a trampoline your body starts providing fuel and oxygen to the legs and other important body parts of the body. Human body stores carbohydrates as a form of energy for future use.

  • Now you start moving your legs and body. The body goes to the store of carbohydrates and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) comes after the breakdown of glucose or carbs or carbohydrates to provide energy to the legs.
  • As you start jumping the heart pushes more blood that will carry more oxygen to all body parts, which then helps in more power to your legs.
  • Now the body focuses on the important things like providing oxygenated blood to all important organs and to your legs and slows down the unnecessary functions like digestion.
  • As the body starts to move your brain becomes more aware and alert, it seems exercise or jumping as a form of stress to the body and it starts releasing hormones like endorphins and serotonin, which gives you a buzz when you finish your workout.
  • Your body starts sweating and the body temperature rises that leads to the dilation of the blood vessels under the skin so that your body can cool down quickly.

Which Muscles Work while Jumping

The whole body starts working when you start jumping, the g-force you feel while jumping helps in breakdown of muscle tissues and burning of calories. The important muscles that work while jumping are legs, things, core, hips, glutes, etc.

Your legs start to contract and release so that you can jump higher, and this will help in toning the body and increase muscle strength at the same time. As you jump your body starts to maintain its balance and thus you will move your arms and core to be balanced so these two muscles also start to work and they also burn calories.

Trampoline also works on other muscles like tendons, joints, and ligaments. This jumping workout is perfect for people who are suffering from arthritis as it will help in reducing the joint pains caused by arthritis.

People who don’t do any kind of exercise feel more joint and body pains, but jumping can help you in increasing the flexibility of your body parts and can reduce the neck and back pains that you feel while working on your desk.

There are other small benefits of Jumping or Rebounding:

  • Helps in Improving the Digestion
  • Increase the muscles strength, (in one study it is found that rebounding for 30 seconds in between weight training sets, has 25% more improvement)
  • Increase energy
  • Some sources claimed that rebounding can help support the thyroid and adrenals (Source)

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