How Instagram Couple Just For Deux, AJ and Simon, Succeed Together

Insta power couple

Angelo James Cartas (AJ Cartas) and  Simon-Pierre Malette-Paquette (Simon Malette) are now one of the biggest LGBT couple on Instagram with their account, Just For Deux. They are from Los Angeles and Montreal, respectively. It’s rare to see a thriving interracial couple on social media so they are fresh eyes for us.

 AJ is a Social Media Agency Founder who is also an influencer, mentor, speaker, and a political consultant. Simon is also great! He is currently fundraising for startups. He is a business consultant and a Board Member at a CleanTech company.

Both of these talented and passionate men have accomplished and achieved a lot. AJ is a published author, whose book, Startups and Downs, is a huge hit with Gen Z and Millennials. Despite being a college dropout and a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, he has established a name for himself. AJ founded Syzygy Social, his third agency, which specializes in bringing international brands to the US and promoting Western brands and talents to China and the rest of Asia.

Simon has his share of achievements as well. He is among the top 5 in the world ranking in ice dancing. As a business consultant, he helped negotiate a $3 billion bond deal and excel in mergers & acquisitions.

For a power couple, they have huge dreams for their future. AJ wants to continue to solidify himself as the leader in bridging the gap between US and China. He aims to help international companies and talents. Simon dreams to pave the way for LGBT rights and he wants to bring more attention to minority-led companies. He aims to build a beauty brand to help people feel more comfortable with their skin.

Apart from their dreams, they have a very clear vision and they have their own sets of beliefs. AJ’s vision is to make the world a more equal place for everyone and give the underrepresented community members (racial, gender, LGBT) resources through Our Damn Time.

Simon aims to also give more attention to underrepresented communities in tech and put more attention to climate change.

You must be wondering how AJ faces challenges. Well, he strongly believes that everything happens for a reason and that there’s no challenge that comes his way that’s insurmountable. He prefers to surround himself with great people he can learn from.

Simon, he always wants to learn. He feels that respect goes a long way and it helps to go the extra mile. Winning through persistence is his success formula. He believes that everything should be done with a purpose.

This Instagram power couple is an inspiration and we’re excited to keep to see what else they both come achieve next.

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