How do you plan a romantic evening together?

I think the most suitable time for romance is twilight. As night falls, there is such an enchantment in the air. Many great romantic ideas work best in the evening. It is excellent for new love birds as well as married couples.

Many people slow down during the evening, and they read a good book, catch up on the days’ work, explore Netflix, or take a long shower before bed, or keep in that last bag of clothes in the washing machine. Generally, things are much quieter in the evening, and it is a great time to put your valentine or romantic ideas into high gear.

In so many ways, romantic evenings can make or break the morning after.

Although Il m’a quitté pour une autre, I guess I can still write down a few tips on making your evening more romantic without going too over the top.

The mystery of a great romantic evening is not what you do, but how you do it. A simple dinner at home can be incredibly romantic if you dress up, lay out a unique table, light some candles, and play slow, soul-melting music in the setting. Changing yourself in the most attentive, sweet version of you will, of course, be the cherry on top of this tender cake.
How do you plan a romantic evening together if you are not the romantic type?

The answer to this puzzle is three-fold

  1. Please keep it simple.
  2. Focus mostly on the feelings and mood you want to create.
  3. Use some of the below tips to guarantee a fairly romantic evening:


  • Plan: the more you think, the better your plans will become! The small little gestures (however trivial it may seem to you) will make the evening unforgettable.
  • Know your love: concentrate on things you know your partner will like and be comfortable with. Pick their favorite wine, food and music.
  • Setting: pick a place where you will be private that you can modify into a romantic nook. You don’t need to go far (unless you want to) a corner in your backyard, or even the space in front of your fireplace can be utilized.
  • Use the typical romantic stuff to your advantage: the next ingredients are timeless and will lock the deal without fail: flowers, candles, wine, music and good food. (not take-aways!)
  • Pick a gift: even if it is a tiny token of your love. It must be personal, special, and meaningful. Consider flowers, chocolate, a love letter, a teddy bear, a poem, jewelry, or if you run out of ideas: a gift voucher.

This is an extraordinary night, make it memorable by treating your date as if he/she is the most important person in your universe. Listen with rapt attention to what they are saying, be alert and focus on doing things that you know your date will thoroughly admire.

P.S: Il m’a quitté pour une autre is french for he left me for another.

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