How A Young Reggae Artist Empowers The Next Generation

Ibru Smith

Ibru’s melodic and soothing music is noted for taking a listener through the different stages of his life. From simple beginnings, the song then takes the listener on a journey to a pinnacle. His music has a delicate balance to it, and he portrays himself as an artist that applies balance to his everyday life. His lyrics attract a younger audience with his down to earth and real nature, and his lyrics on social injustice are related to his home nation of the Bahamas.

Ibru’s unique and distinctive style has helped his music career to take off in an incredibly short amount of time. After spending time in the military, Ibru rekindled an old passion in music and went all in with a laser focus. In August of 2019, Jamaica’s number one entertainment source The Star cited Ibru as the “Bahamian artist ready to take on Jamaica”. This recognition was huge for Ibru’s career, and solidified him as a rising international artist ready to take the reggae scene by storm. Later that year in December, he released his anticipated EP, “I’m So Focused”. The EP has since received massive praise in the reggae world, drawing fans internationally to his gravitational and punchy style.

Similar to how he is transparent with his music, Ibru is always candid about his experiences in life outside of music. He believes in being transparent with his failures, as the people who look up to him for inspiration will see that becoming successful is never easy, and comes with many setbacks. If he put up a false image of himself and his success, anyone following along would simply give up when the going gets tough. On top of that, the appreciation for his music will increase massively when people see his authenticity outside of music.

Ibru was inspired to start his career in music by artists like Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Bounty Killer. Music has always been therapeutic to him, and listening to the stories and struggles of these artists gave him the drive to keep going when he was younger. Now, he has made it his mission to spread inspiration to the younger generation just like those before him did. His authenticity and raw lyrics have helped him immensely to garner an audience, and he is not letting this attention go to waste as he promotes social justice movements and positive messages to his fans. As he continues to gain recognition internationally, look for Ibru to continue being a positive force for his fans and continue making incredible reggae music.

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