How A Young Fashion Icon’s Gut Feelings Have Lead Him to Greatness

Dennis Kenney

Competitors and people with a will to win will do whatever it takes to be successful, no matter how big the risk. Dennis Kenney, a Boston native, has always taken the risk regardless of how much fear or doubt he has experienced. This mentality has allowed him to thrive in whatever he pursues, which has shifted from hockey to acting to becoming a force in the fashion industry.

After a knee injury ruined Dennis’ hopes of pursuing hockey in college and beyond, he quickly found a strong passion for acting and the arts. After getting a degree from Carnegie Mellon, he went on to have a successful stint in theater and film. What always stuck out to him during his time acting, however, was fashion.

Dennis could have easily remained in the film space and had a tremendous career, but he knew at his core that he wanted to pursue fashion. The risk of leaving a safe career for something he had no experience in was daunting, but Kenney was more than up for the challenge. To establish a name for himself in the industry, he began posting a picture of his outfit every day to social media. Over time, his audience continued to grow and he soon found himself with multiple job offers. He would go on to become the creative director for 260 Sample Sale, and the rest was history.

Dennis has since worked with Good Morning America, created his own fashion line NONDK, and speaks to university students inspiring them to take the risk in order to reach for their dreams. Rather than following his heart or his head, Dennis has always opted to go with his gut. While he was a rising actor, he knew deep down that going into the fashion industry was what he desired the most. Without questioning it, he knew he had to make the switch regardless of the outcome. Sure, it has not been easy, but Kenney has become masterful at dealing with failure and hardship. 

Dennis views failure as the universe’s way of directing him towards his true path. He has never lost faith in his abilities and always has the mindset that the talents he has to offer to the world are unlike any other. During times where he felt overwhelmed coming into the fashion industry with no experience, connections or expertise, these beliefs kept him steady and gave him the will to keep pushing. In hindsight, every move that Dennis has made has paid off immensely, and his gut has yet to prove him wrong. After all, luck favors the bold.

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