How A Teenage Entrepreneur Already Devotes Time to Giving Back


Christoph Filgertshofer has already experienced more success at 19 years old than many do in their lifetime. His eCommerce stores generate five-six figures in revenue each month, and he has a tremendous framework in place that affords him a lot of freedom and passive income. Still, after all of the hard work he has put in to build his enterprise up, he works tirelessly to give back to others. Christoph is a German entrepreneur who has had a long history of running his own businesses.

From side hustles growing up flipping Pokemon cards to building his brand on Youtube and finally settling on e-commerce, he has had skin in the game for years even though he is only 19. Inspired by his dad who has a background in entrepreneurship and would always tell Christoph the glories of running his own business, he has always wanted to run his own businesses. Much like his dad once inspired him, Christoph uses his platform to inspire the next generation of rising entrepreneurs. In collaboration with Shopify, he created the first educational course to help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

With one of the biggest ecommerce social media followings in all of Germany, it did not take long for news to spread of his program. He was soon impacting rising entrepreneurs by the masses, and continues to use his knowledge and platform to do a whole world of good. With such an influence on the younger generation, Christoph also preaches transparency with his journey. He is the first to admit that his initial venture into ecommerce failed, and that everyone experiences failure at some point in their journey. Regardless of the current level of success they are experiencing, there was a point where they did not have a wealth of information and had to learn by way of experience and setbacks.

Christoph always puts business first, even to a fault in some situations. When he took his whole family on vacation to a villa all expenses paid, he still had his business on his mind and how much he would have to get done upon returning home. While this can be viewed as a curse, Christoph knows how much freedom has resulted from his tireless effort to be great as an e-commerce entrepreneur. He has become locked in on his vision, focusing on only the niches he has mastered to build stores out for. As a result, his websites convert at an incredibly high rate and he has become one of the most noteworthy teenage e-commerce entrepreneurs in not only Germany, but the entire world. If anyone is seeking to make a career out of the e-commerce industry, Christoph and his content would be a terrific place to start.

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