Honeymoon Scrapbooking in 9 Steps

Your honeymoon was refreshing. You spent a week in the Bahamas, and now you’d like to arrest those memories in one place. A simple google search recommended a scrapbook album, but you don’t know how to make it.

Honeymoon scrapbook can be entertaining to make, even if you have never tried one before. Tropical scrapbook records also are impressive. When one blends the best of tropical scrapbook with honeymoon albums, the results can be excellent. But how do you make them?

Here are a few steps

Scrapbook notebooks come in a range of sizes, materials, and styles. The first step in making a scrapbook is choosing the album itself.

  1. Materials: Leather books are expensive. Honeymoon memories are precious, however, and you may want to pick durable leather for yours. Cloth-covered books are also the right choice. Some have a window opening on the front cover for a unique photograph. The book cloth is strong and durable. Cheaper alternatives are also available. These are usually formed of heavy cover stock, covered with paper.
  2. Sizes: Standard scrapbook albums have a useable page size of 12×12 inches. The album itself may square 13×14 inches or more, but part of that is its spine. Some are larger – as big as 18×20 inches. As a beginner, you may want to select a standard size.
  3. Styles: As the popularity of scrapbooking has evolved, various types have mushroomed. Plain cover albums come in many colors. Some albums have a military-themed cover, highlighting the military branch and a gold plated service emblem. Others have a Disney theme, with Mickey Mouse and friends adorning the cover. Tropical options, which you might choose for a honeymoon in the Bahamas, would be engaging in scrapbook albums with a vivid red or moody Hibiscus-patterned cloth cover.
  4. Once you have picked an album, you need to sort the photos and memorabilia you will use. Pay attention to the theme of each piece as well as the colors.
  5. Honeymoon albums already have a typical theme – the honeymoon. Your next step will be to pick sub-themes for each 2-page spread. For example, you might have an arrival theme at the Bahamas, with approach photos of the archipelago from the air. This theme could also include pictures taken upon landing. First impressions are important memories. Layout your photos, deciding a theme for each page or 2-page spread. Then move to the next step.
  6. Background papers are an excellent way to tie pages together. Scrapbooking paper in standard 12×12 inch size comes in a multitude of patterns and patterns. Plain paper is also available. Be sure you purchase a paper that is acid-free to protect your memorabilia and pictures. Choose a paper to complement the photos on each page.
  7. With your scrapbook album paper in place, arrange photos. Resist packing your pages with photos. You will need gaps for notes and other details. You might want to add a bit of torn paper beneath photos to set them off from the background.
  1. After you order and affix the photos, it’s time to add journaling. “Journaling” is nothing more than notes or captions that help explain the photos. You may have a vision of what was said when a particular photo was clicked – or a comment about what happened shortly before or after.
  2. The final touch in creating a scrapbook is to add decorations, beauties, stickers, and other small pieces that add excitement. Honeymoon scrapbook albums might include cheesy kisses or hearts. If you are back from The Bahamas, your scrapbook can also have tiny seashells or sandals.

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