Gemini Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

Love and Relationships

Listen up, single ones! You may just find the love of your life! Your ‘right one’ will respond to you favourably if you give desirable and appropriate signals. Go to someplace romantic and peaceful for a date. A beautiful and special love story of your life can begin from here. The movement of the planets refers that, those who are already in a relationship can have a row over some issues. It is always better to end a heated dispute rather than sticking to it. Try to understand each other’s concerns and insecurities. Bring love, peace and happiness in both of your lives.


Knowledge is power and to access this power one needs to study arduously. Those who are currently doing graduation need to stay up nights to complete their syllabus. Put all your effort and make sure to learn by heart important topics and chapters. It will take time to catch up but done correctly, progress will happen. It is a hard time for students who have completed their graduation. It seems that your progression will be time-consuming and this hinders your learning capability. Keep on learning new things and don’t let yourself go down.


Not so good news regarding your health this week. Be mindful of what you eat and drink as there are chances of getting acidic reflux. Rather than digesting antacid tablets it is advisable to eat fibre-rich grains, vegetables and food items. This will help you fight acidic reflux more efficiently. Protect your eyes from dust and dirt. You may notice a problem, especially in your left eye. If you find anything, immediately go to an eye specialist. As eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, the perfect remedy and intense care are of the utmost importance. Keep going for regular, light exercises at every sunrise.


Looks like the planets are in your favour! Their position and movement specify that you are just about to hit the jackpot! A business deal or job offer can reveal to be a jug full of gold coins. Even though there is no accidental or big expenditure for you, you may have to spend some money on household or family purposes. After all, a family is what one lives for! Your income is going to be satisfactory for you, regular and occasional expenses will be taken care of easily. You will be able to save a lot of money which can help you in the future.


Business people need to work hard and stand by as it will take more time than expected to get things completed. The key is to never give up! It can happen that a major and prosperous client repeats a long-awaited order around midweek. Hope for the best! This will bring positivity and confidence in your heart and you will look forward to new possibilities in the time to come. Employees are also about to receive a hefty and long-expected inducement which will elevate their mood. You just need to complete your targets more effectively and efficiently.

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