Fun Exercises at Home to Stay Fit During Lockdown

Being locked in our homes and unable to go out for a stroll or a change of view can be quite a dilemma for many of us and after a while of chilling on the couch and watching Netflix, we start seeing the need to get moving and getting our blood flowing again.

But what to do in such a tiny space! Here are some suggestions and ideas that you can use as a kick-off point to promoting your exercise routine!

You’ve heard the saying, “Use what you have, not what you don’t have.” What we have are legs that weigh quite a bit, even if you’re considerably slim. One leg weighs about 15% of your total weight. So elevating those legs will consume quite a bit of energy. Let’s use them as follows.

First, stand in an area where you have at least a meter of space in front of you. Then holding your leg as upright as you can, quickly lift it as high as you could. Try and get your heel up to the altitude of your bellybutton by propelling it upwards. You can place your hand on a chair or a handle of your door to keep your balance. Alternate legs – do right, right, left, right continuously until you get exhausted. After about 15 of these, you will remark that your breathing is getting longer and heavier. This implies your blood is starting to flow! Yay!

Now turn around and, holding your legs straight, kick up each leg backward in the same manner, doing right, left, right, right, and so on until exhausted.

Get your breath back, then run smoothly on the spot for a bit until you feel eager for some more, and then replicate as much as you can.

Second, there’s dancing. Not a prom dance, something like a two-step dance, as long as it gets you bouncing around and getting that blood circulation going! So put some lively music on with an excellent beat and start hopping! Try and discover new dance steps, go ballistic, get those legs up, and the hands go crazy – the more active, the better. This will also save you on warming costs because you’ll get so warm you won’t need any heating. It also helps with your metabolism, makes you slimmer ultimately and flushes all the toxins out of your body.

A bit too fragile for all these exercises?

Make some space in your largest room or many rooms, and make a “trail” that you can walk along. It could be a total of eight types of shapes or an irregular shape through your flat or villa. Ensure you have a place where you can turn around reasonably quickly to go back to the start again. Then mark this “track,” so you know how far one “lap” is.

You can walk along this track for as long as you can, change directions, so you allow all your tissues to function properly. Count the total number of laps, so you know how far you’ve stepped, then you can plan better the next time you walk. You can also put on some music to make it a little more engaging. I managed to walk 4km in my tiny house, so try and top that.

If you have kids, piggyback them all over the house. They always dig that and it works all the tissues in your body!

No excuses can justify laziness! You own all the gym equipment you require at home. Let’s do it.

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