Fly Fishing Trip to Lake Taneycomo

If you choose to take a fly fishing tour, you may be surprised how readily the trout will peck, keeping in mind a few tips. Many keen anglers, no matter how amateur they are, soon realise that fly fishing can be straightforward. It would help if you learned a few things about the presentation, casting, fighting and retrieving the fish. But these can be easily picked up if you have an excellent instructor. Going on a fly fishing trip is unique on Lake Taneycomo, and many beginners have learned their first fly fishing lessons there.

Lake Taneycomo is a human-made lake on the White River in the Ozark Mountains of Taney County, Missouri.

Lake Taneycomo is renowned for the midge hatch. That is why many fishers take a fly fishing trip to its coasts. Midge hatch is the only hatch that transpires there every day of the year. What are midges? They are small bugs – their colors differ from cream and olive to brown or black. Midges are just like most bugs, and they begin to exist in the bottom of the lake. The warm mud stimulates the eggs to grow and get ready to hatch. They hatch as larvae and start feeding mainly on infected plants until they are big enough to leave the muddy bed and swim up, looking for better water conditions. Trout feast on their journey, making the best of it. The remaining larvae soon begin the process of pupation. Pupas are mutating fast and soon their arms are well-shaped. The abdomens and legs are also changed. The pupation process takes place near the surface of the water, which is called “film.” Pupas swim to the outside, creeping out of their skin, finally emerging out of the water as full-grown adult midges, with wings and heads.

You need to know these details about midges before starting your fly fishing trip, as the success depends mainly on them because they are trout’s primary food.

Trout use the pupation for eating up with young midges. They catch the moment when the pupas swim their way to the surface, as they are too slow to escape from the fast-swimming fish. Trout are naturally seen on the surface or near the film, where they have their meals. They even spring out of the water to eat the newborn midge. When feeding, trout are the easiest catch. So, if you plan to take a fly fishing trip, you better put a dozen targeting flies that mimic midges. There are many types of flies, such as Brassie, Zebra, Miracle, Midge Pupa, Loop Wing, Thread Midge, Renegade, Crackleback, Emerger, Griffin’s Gnat, WD40. They can be used as soft hackles, either on the surface or the film.

As you have read, fly fishing is easier than it may appear. Going on a fly fishing trip is an excellent way to spend your weekend. Even the most unskilled novice can learn to catch a trout if he or she complies with the trout’s feed hours. Another benefit of going on a fly fishing trip to Lake Taneycomo is that hatching, and pupation is in progress all year round. Every day there are starving trout to be caught by a talented angler. So, you’d better try it. Get your bags packed and start on a brave fly fishing trip!

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