Finding the Right Jeans for Your Body Style


Every woman needs at least one pair of good jeans. However, finding this pair challenges countless women, as there are different cuts and styles to choose from. Before heading out to shop, learn about the different options and best flatters your body style. This makes shopping much easier.

An Hourglass Body

Women with an hourglass body possess a full bust along with a bottom half that is curvy. The waist on these women is smaller than her other assets. Flare or boot-cut jeans flatter this figure, as they are fitted in the thighs before flaring out to a wider hem. This hem begins at the knee and helps to balance out the hips. The snug top of the jeans from Filly Flair emphasizes the woman’s best assets.

Jean manufacturers now make jeans specifically designed for curvy women. Some feature a contour waistband that sits higher in the back to provide extra coverage, and others come with ample stretch to help smooth the lines of the body while showing off the curves. Look for sturdy stitching, but stay away from jeans that lack stretch. The stretch allows the jeans to follow the natural curves of the body without leaving a gap at the waist.

A curvy woman often avoids skinny jeans, thinking they won’t fit properly. Try on a slim-flitting pair, rather than one that offers a skin-tight fit. However, avoid jeans that are faded or whiskered at the hips, as they make the body look wider.

Pear Shape

A woman with a pear shape benefits from jeans that elongate the legs while flattering the bottom half of the body. Women who are larger from the waist down and small on top should select trouser jeans, as they create a long, continuous line. The broad waistband, snug fit through the bottom, wider legs, and seamed back pockets make these jeans ideal for work or casual wear.

Ladies who prefer skinny jeans need to consider straight-leg jeans instead. They offer a slim silhouette and look skinnier on women with this body type. However, avoid lighter wash denims that make the bottom half look bigger. Dark wash jeans provide a slimming effect. In addition, larger pockets flatter larger bottoms, while small pockets make it look larger.

Plus-Size Women

Plus-size women need jeans that balance the hips and behind while elongating the legs. The jeans need to skim over the curves rather than squeezing them, and ladies in this category find flare, boot-cut, and straight-leg jeans look great on them. Find jeans that fall in a straight, lean line down the body, as this provides a slenderizing effect. Dark wash denim is best, and choose classic, mid-rise styles.

Avoid cropped styles as they make the legs look shorter and low-rise jeans that result in a muffin top. High-waisted styles aren’t appropriate either, as they emphasize the stomach. Choose jeans that skim the floor to make the legs appear longer.

Boy-Shaped Bodies

Slim-hipped women look like boys from the back and need jeans that will provide the illusion of curves. A flat bottom comes with this body shape, and the right jeans provide some dimension here. Choose skinny or super-skinny jeans that will conform to the curves of the body and choose styles with super-tapered legs. This also provides the illusion of curves while creating an overall curvier silhouette.

Consider skinny coated jeans that mimic the look of leather leggings and choose styles that have back pockets with flaps or embellishments. They draw attention to the bottom, as do pockets that rest higher on the jeans rather than coming down to the tops of the thighs. Both styles offer a visual lift to the backside.

A woman with a straight body should avoid wider hems. Lower-rise jeans add curves to the bottom half, but high-waisted jeans swamp the middle portion of the body. Keep this in mind when trying different pairs to find the ones that look best on you.

Tall Women

Manufacturers recognize many women are tall and need jeans that fit their legs properly. Long inseams fulfill this purpose, and women find companies now sell jeans with inseams up to 36″. When trying different pairs, look for ones where the hems reach the bottom of the heels in the back.

Any style works for women who are tall, but quite a few ladies in this category choose straight-leg or boot-cut jeans to emphasize the legs. The jeans skim the body without squeezing the legs. Low-rise or mid-rise jeans add curves to the hips and bottom, so definitely consider them in your search for the perfect pair.

Some tall women find they don’t like super-skinny jeans or relaxed boyfriends because they don’t draw as much attention to the legs. Boot-cut and straight silhouettes are the most flattering by highlighting the length of the legs. Tall women also find they can wear cropped jeans during the warm months, but avoid ankle-length styles. Tall women wearing ankle-length capris end up looking like they didn’t buy jeans that fit. A mid-calf length remains best for this reason.

Petite Women

Petite women need jeans that make the legs look longer, regardless of whether their body is curvy or straight. Straight-leg jeans work great because they make the wearer look taller and longer. They fall in a long, vertical line and visually elongate the lower half. To make the most of this, choose jeans with a dark wash. Paler blues and faded pastels make the bottom half of the body look stumpy, which no woman wants.

Jeans should fit snug because a tiny figure gets swamped in baggy styles. When purchasing jeans, choose those that fit tightly with the knowledge they give over time. Don’t buy skinny jeans or those with super-tapered legs, and avoid cropped jeans because they make the legs look shorter than they are. Try several pairs of jeans before making a purchase. With these tips for choosing jeans designed for your body style, you’ll find a pair you love and want to wear often as you feel great when doing so.

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