Facebook users slam new design as nightmare, confusing


(IANS) Facebook users have slammed the new design as confusing, threatening to leave the platform as the social network plans to implement the new user interface (UI) from September 1 for its 2.7 billion monthly active users.

The classic Facebook web design with blue navigation bar will no longer be available for desktop users starting September 1.

Meanwhile, Facebook users have flooded other social media platforms like Twitter, saying the new design is utterly confusing.

“@Facebook Your new web interface SUCKS!!!! It doesn’t work (posting pictures makes it crash) and it’s ugly and incomprehensible. Please, please, please go back to the simpler AND SMALLER user interface. I’m gonna be stuck using mobile forever if you don’t. Couldn’t hate it more,” one user commented on Twitter.

Another posted: “The Facebook interface is now so confusing, I don’t even know how to publish a new post anymore”.

The social networking giant is still asking users questions if it finds people willing to switch to the old design – apparently to improve the new design.

But a notification on the Facebook support page now gives warning to those users who want to switch back to the old look that “the classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September”.

The features that get more prominence in the new design include Facebook’s Groups, Watch and Gaming sections.

A user tweeted: “New facebook interface is awful *urd. Instead of efficiently using fact moderators of groups using PC, they turned 27′ inch screen into a giant low resolution phone”.

“The new Facebook interface sucks so much I may never use FB again. And it’s not optional. So who’s the dictator here?” another posted.

According to a report in Search Engine Journal, Facebook has released a new interface that was supposed to be an improvement.

“Judging by the extreme hate expressed on Twitter and Facebook itself, Facebook has many more issues to fix,” it said.

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