Driving from Dubai to Muscat

We are starting a new travel series to explore possible road trips between different places around the world.

Today, let’s drive from Dubai, UAE, to Muscat, Oman. 

Muscat is an excellent weekend getaway from Dubai in autumn or spring. We will divide this article into three fundamental parts.

  1. Things you need to know before crossing the border and driving in Oman
  2. A recommended long weekend itinerary Dubai to Muscat.
  3. Distance and times are included.

What do you need with you to leave the UAE and enter Oman by car?

  1. A valid passport with 180 days validity is the first thing needed. 
  2. Payment in United Arab Emirates Dirham for the exit ax from the UAE.
  3. Visa and fee to enter Oman (United Arab Emirates Dirham or Omani Royal)
  4. Proof of ownership of the car you are driving
  5. Insurance that covers your vehicle in both Oman and the UAE

What to expect at UAE-Oman Border Crossing?

Exiting Dubai:

  1. At the window, you have to mention the number of people in your car and show your vehicle details. 
  2. You have to pay your departure tax (35 Arab Emirates Dirham per person). 
  3. You will receive a confirmation paper in Arabic.

Entering Oman: 

  1. Your passports will be checked for e-visa.
  2. An immigration form is required for each traveler. They must all be available in the immigration office, don’t leave your kids sleeping in the car. 

Things to know before driving in Oman

  • You will be driving on the right side of the road (similar to UAE)
  • It is 2020, and road signs are displayed in both Arabic and English.
  • Install Google maps beforehand as coverage is inconsistent beyond the cities.
  • A 3-day trip will serve for almost all driving on a weekend holiday. If you want to head deeper into Wadi’s or the desert, you will need a 5-day trip.
  • Speed limits are up to 120kms, kept right as much as you can to let others pass.
  • The traffic in Oman can be cumbersome and erratic. Don’t pick up a fight, be forgiving. 

Recommended long weekend itinerary Dubai to Muscat:

If you want to make a road trip from Dubai to Muscat interesting, go for a four-day trip. This is because driving places will take up a lot of the time.

Depending on who you are driving with how far you can drive without routine stops, here’s a guide to some of the places to consider:

  • Dubai to Hatta Wadi Border Crossing: 130kms – 90 Minutes
  • Hatta Wadi Border to Sohar: 100kms – 78-85 minutes
  • Dubai to Al Ain Khatam Shukhla Crossing: 144kms – 110 minutes 
  • Al-Ain Khatam Al Shukhla Border to Sohar: 104km – 75-90 minutes
  • Sohar to Muscat: 195kms – 130 minutes
  • Muscat to Nizwa: 166kms – 100 minutes

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