DIY: How To Use Seashells for Craft

Seashells are ideal to pick up when you want to design a piece of art. There are no limits to what you can do with them.

Do you have tonnes of seashells that you want to use? If yes, here are some fun and delightful craft projects that you can do by yourself or with your kids after a day of picking the beach.

Crafting a Seashell ornament

Ornaments are evergreen. Make a simple seashell ornament by buying a small round or heart-shaped Styrofoam ball and wrapping it with tiny seashells. You will first want something to be ready to fix your decoration. Get a piece of paper clip or wire and fold it in half to make a loop. Next, fix it with hot glue and inject the ends into the Styrofoam and let it cool and dry.

Afterward, you can give each kid a ball to cover with seashells. Kids and hot glue are a strict NO, so to avoid any accidents, use standard school glue, and later you can strengthen the shells with some hot glue. 

You can hang one from your car, your kitchen window, or anywhere else in your house.

Making a Seashell Wineglass Charm

This is a fun way to display your love for the beach. You can effortlessly make some wineglass charms using some pretty beads, wire, and hot glue.

Collect your supplies and lay them all out in front of you. If you are doing this DIY project with children, then you can do the first part. Get about 14 inches of wire and close it in half and place the shell on the folded part. Next, you should add a dollop of hot glue on top of the wrapped wire and seashell. Use a tiny piece of felt and push it down onto the glue and wire to tighten it. The felt serves to make the back look a little more beautiful.

Trim the felt, so it is not piercing out from your seashell. After the gluing is done, you can hand the seashell with the wire attached to your kids to let them string the beads.

They can add as many different colors as they want. Just tell them to leave some gap at the top. You will need it to join the ends. To close the ends off, all you need to do is twist the wire among your beads!

Once you are done, wind the wires around each other, and you can now add it to a glass or even use it as a towel decoration.

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