Dark Season 3 Review: 1921/1954/1987/2020/2053

Jonas and Martha from Dark

Set in the German town of Winden, Dark involves the outcome of a child’s disappearance, revealing the secrets of and concealed connections among four estranged families as they gradually resolve a wicked time travel conspiracy spanning many generations. Throughout the drama, Dark traverses the existential entanglements of time and its impact on humankind.

Dark Season 3 Synopsis. 

Dark Season 3 is the final tribute to the complexities and entanglements human emotions can generate. And it’s presented in a chilling yet accurate manner. The time travel stretches, but this season adds another dimension to the tale — an alternate Winden, where Jonas was never born.

As Jonas sees Adam shoot Martha in the finale of Season 2, another Martha arrives to inform him that she has come from another dimension. In Season 3, she takes him to the alternate Winden. The characters are identical, but Mikkel never travels back in time in that dimension, and so Jonas is never born. Martha and Jonas still share a puzzling bond, but they gradually learn that they eventually become Adam and Eve — rivals inspired by their intense passions towards each other. Here comes Claudia, who plays a much more complicated and more prominent game than either of them. She, too, is driven by the affection for her daughter Regina.

Spoiler-Free Review 

Time travel is that interesting subject which was not explored logically in various TV series. I’ve seen numerous Time Travel Series, which only added confusion without any fitting end. 

However, ‘Dark’ is on another level. It doesn’t depend on reconstructing the past for mere shock factor. Instead, the real puzzles are all in the present, and people’s stories are vital in understanding the unusual plot. No character is lost, and no action or conversation is not carefully weighed in the grand scheme of things.

Wildly satisfying, every minute shocks you in ways you never thought was likely. The continuous gripping prophecies were so surprising but tied the story so well together. 

This show is the absolute personification of a well thought out presentation, meticulously crafted and produced so well. This show has transformed time travel storytelling and is one of the most in-depth written shows ever.

With some phenomenal acting, fantastic direction, and ever-haunting background score, the third season of Dark is a gem in its own right


The finale is so consequential and different and new that it is difficult to talk about its plot without spoiling something. I highly suggest going into the episodes without watching any trailers or promos. 

  • Best Episode: The Paradise
  • Favorite Character: Hannah Kahnwald

Dark Season 3 Rating: 10/10

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