Capturing An Authentic Moment With Zynn

As a leading short-video platform, Zynn celebrates diversity of content, and encourages users to share their authentic experiences, everyday occurrences, and the special moments that make their journey unique. Focused on showcasing the real-life experiences of its user base, Zynn provides the infrastructure and tools needed for users to share meaningful moments, tricks and lucky shots, funny pranks, and talented performances. In order to maximize your experience on Zynn, and capture authentic moments, follow these guidelines for successfully seizing the moments.

Be Ready At All Times

            Spontaneous moments are often the most moving, authentic, and surprising representations of real life experiences. From a mountain biking expedition capturing an adventurous descent, to a real-life beach proposal captured by eager onlookers, these moments are as real as it gets. In order to be best prepared to capture these flickering experiences at a moment’s notice, make sure to have the Zynn app readily available throughout life’s adventures. With the confidence and ability to beautifully edit videos after capturing them, you breathe a sigh of relief. There’s no need to worry about expertly filming a swift occurrence, or having professional quality equipment. You can capture the moment on video, and Zynn will ensure that the moment is showcased in the best quality possible.

Set The Tone, Literally

            In order to set the scene for a meaningful moment, consider adding filters, effects, and other personalization tools to your video. Zynn has equipped the app with numerous features that help creators set the perfect tone for their videos with a few taps. With Zynn’s instant beautification filter, video subjects instantly benefit from smooth skin, and a seemingly ethereal glow that allows them to beam. This is done softly and intuitively, without distorting background imagery, or any other aspect of the video.

            Additionally, carefully selected filters can provide a mood boost to any video. Vividly colored filters can evoke the resonance of a summertime vacation, while moody black and white filters can lend a film noir vibe instantly. These filters act as a visual support for videos, transforming everyday events into aesthetic masterpieces without sacrificing authenticity. In fact, filters help to pronounce authentic moments, and enhance the feelings associated with life’s moments.

Don’t Worry About Perfection

            The concept of authenticity lies in the exhibition of what actually happened, as it happened, and how it happened. Thus, it can be somewhat impossible to achieve an authentic product through fifty takes of a singular shot. Thus, to preserve the authenticity of your intended shot, don’t strive for sheer perfection. Traditional social media may have valued FOMO-inducing shots that involved wind machines to perfectly blow hair back, but today’s authentic short-video platforms like Zynn thrive on the real representation of events. Thus, try to focus more on being present in the moment, rather than recreating the moment to maximize perfection. Does your shot have background noise? Consider it a gift. Does your video show imperfections? Consider it an opportunity to share those imperfections with the world, confidently embarking on a quest to showcase realness.

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