Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August, 2020

Love and Relationships

This is the week when you will be making several friends. It is not a bad thing to have a lot of friends, but we advise, do not start revealing all your secrets without properly knowing them first. Do not enter into any financial transactions with them. Be careful before getting too close to them, especially friends of the opposite sex. Singles will be eager to get married as soon as possible with the one they are in love with. They will want to enjoy the bliss of physical intimacy without any restrictions. Married couples will also have a great time together this week.


The week has to offer a mixed bag of fruits for students during this week. Students pursuing graduation will waste their time with matters that are irrelevant. Their main focus and priority will not be academics. They will want to quit studies midway and hunt for an opportunity to earn money. The progress of students pursuing post-graduation will be outstanding. They will be able to retain perfect focus and concentration. They will remain completely engrossed in studies and they will also be able to learn and memorize very effectively. As a result of their hard work, they will be blessed with excellent grades in examinations.


This is the week when you will need to be very careful with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. Planetary influences indicate that an old ailment you had been suffering from is about to stage a comeback. Visit your doctor immediately upon any symptoms of discomfort. Timely medications will certainly provide substantial relief. You will also be prone to viral infections. Avoid eating street-side junk food and always stay adequately hydrated. Always keep your hands sanitized and stick to a nutritious, yet easy to digest diet. Light exercises in the morning and visiting the gym every day will help keep you fit.


This is going to be a fantastic week as far as matters pertaining to your money and financial stability are concerned. However, roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work hard for the gains you are about to get! Even lady luck will smile upon you, if you put in all the necessary hard work this week. No major unexpected expenses are foreseen. Expenses related to your household and family may substantially stand to increase. Monetary gains will strengthen your financial capacity. Do not be a spendthrift and keep a tight leash over your unwanted expenses. Focus upon saving money for the future.


The week seems to be excellent for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Businessmen will be busy negotiating several deals at once. Even planetary influences seem to be very favourable for them. They will need to thoroughly understand the precise requirements of their customers to have a long term fruitful relationship. They will be presented with several lucrative business opportunities during this period. Salaried employees will feel safe and secured within their organisation. However, they will need to retain their focus and concentration and not get diverted with other trivia. Superiors at work will expect them to deliver quality output within the stipulated time.

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