Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th – 15th Aug, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a strong probability of singles falling in love with a co-worker of the opposite sex. The feelings for each other will be mutual. They will both feel as if they have been made for each other and something between them will instantaneously click! However, they will need to be very careful about not passing the incorrect kind of signals. Refrain from enjoying physical intimacy until you are tied in a wedlock. There is a possibility of spending money for purchasing luxurious paraphernalia for the family. Married couples will need to be patient with each other as this week is not very favourable.


The week has a mixed bag of results to offer students as far as their academic progress is concerned. Last year graduations will remain very well focused upon their studies. Their concentration will be like never before! Their performance will be excellent and their progress will be outstanding. Students pursuing higher education will not be able to keep academics as their top priority. They will easily get disturbed by other distractions around them. This will certainly have an adverse effect over their performance and results. We advise them to inculcate a habit of daily meditation. This will keep negative stress at bay.


Beware of any viral infections or seasonal illnesses catching up with you during this week. Take all due precautionary measures in this regard. Visit your physician immediately upon any signs of discomfort. Medications prescribed to you by your physician should be taken on time so as to avoid any further complications. The good news is, your resistance will be rock solid during this period. Your immune system will be working overtime and will ensure, even if you fall sick, you will recover very fast! Your stamina and willpower will help you surmount any problems related to your health during this week.


Planetary influences for matters pertaining to money and finance are going to be very strong during this week. The mighty Sun and Mercury, both seem to be moving from the second house. This will definitely result in a major financial gain for you! Your overall financial stability will be rock solid throughout the week. However, you should also be concerned about the shadow planet moving through your twelfth house. Your expenses will also increase substantially. Financial planning will play a very crucial role. You will need to plan your budget and manage money matters diligently. Do not be a spendthrift during this week!


This is going to be a challenging week for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Businessmen will be able to strike a profitable deal with a very valuable customer. However, for some reason or the other, they will not be able to deliver the goods on time as per affixed schedule. They will need to assure the customers about delivery at the earliest. Salaried employees will feel insecure about their position within the organization. They will need to roll up their sleeves and deliver more quality output. This will ensure that their position within the company remains secure.

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