Cancer Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020


Love and Relationships

Well, this week might be just lucky for you! A co-worker or colleague will show interest in getting to know you and you will find that enticing. After some hesitation, you may agree to meet after working hours. Both of you, go eat somewhere cosy and nice; a love relationship shall initiate in your life. Couples will have an amazing time together! You may go out to a movie and dinner. Families may plan a small trip. It is always good to spend quality time with your children and life partner away from the crowd at some resort. Friends may call you on weekend to chill and hang out together.


College students will feel unsure about completing their studies. They will also feel sceptical about future opportunities and chances. You may think about leaving your college halfway and starting a job or search for any other source of income and employment; avoid doing that. Don’t make this mistake and complete your studies first, as this age is of knowledge and learning, and work can be started after completing the graduation as well. It is advisable for students of high school to not waste time over petty activities and concentrate more on your studies.


Be extra careful about your health as it may start to deteriorate, suggests the current movement of planets. Muscular pain or severe ache in joints can also trouble you. You need to put an effectual remedy to reduce the agony. The powerful influence of planet Mars is on Cancer sign which means you can accidentally hurt the upper portion of your body. Take care and watch your step as you get injured. Middle-aged people shall not miss their regular check-ups with the doctor as a small fluctuation in blood pressure or diabetic can be serious.


Sometimes it is better to look out for other opportunities when earnings are less at your current work. Considerable income may increase if you take risk to change your business or take new chances. You will find yourself satisfied and powerful in terms of money as you receive an exciting offer. A short-distance journey regarding work or business will be beneficial. Although you may not spend a big amount of money at a time, you need to keep control over any accidental or unexpected expenditure. Just remember, stability is very crucial in financial terms.


The movement of the planets shows that people in business will strive to increase the number of sales and profit. Push yourself and work hard to achieve prudent results. Maybe at the end of the week, you will receive a fruitful deal. Due to a problem, a delay on your part may happen while delivering products to the customer. Don’t forget to let the concerned person know at first and finish the delivery as fast as possible. Salaried people may fall short in boss’ expectations and desired results. Don’t feel vulnerable about yourself. Learn from your mistakes and improve.

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