Cancer Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles are likely to fall in love head over heels with a colleague of the opposite sex. They will be able to convey their true feelings to this person who will reciprocate favourably! This will mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. They both decide to meet at a mutually convenient place for the expression of love. A pleasant time for both is in store for you! Married couples will need to give plenty of space and time to each other. They will need to adapt to the views of the spouse to retain the peace and harmony of their marital life.


The week does not seem to be very favourable for students with matters pertaining to academics. Students pursuing graduation will be constantly on a lookout for an employment opportunity to start earning. As a result, they will not be very attentive in class. Their academic progress will also negatively suffer. Students pursuing post-graduation will remain busy handling a complex situation. They will neither be able to focus nor concentrate on studies. They will not be able to grasp difficult concepts or memorize effectively. As a result, their progress will come to a grinding halt. We advise students, not to divert their attention from mainstream academics.


This week is going to keep you healthy, fit and fine, provided you lead a disciplined life. No major health issues are foreseen. You will need to refrain from consuming junk and spicy foods. You will also need to avoid late night heavy dinners. We say so because there is a distinct possibility of facing a minor digestive disorder this week. If adequate care is not taken. Old ailments of the past that you had been suffering from may resurface. You will need to be cautious in this regard, especially during the weekend. Follow diet instructions given by your physician to avoid any future complications.


Matters pertaining to your money and finance seem to be very bright during this week. Planetary influences indicate that the inflow of money for you will certainly increase. Nothing good in life comes easy. You will be required to put in a lot of consistent effort for being successful. Results may not be immediate, but they will, without a doubt, be very profitable in the near future. Shadow planet Rahu is seen moving through your twelfth house, which will certainly result in increased expenses. You will need to keep a very tight leash around your unwanted expenses to retain your strong financial position.


The prime objective of businessmen during this week will be to increase their sales figures. They will undertake several business trips to build a new customer base. These trips will prove to be very profitable in the future. They will need to persevere and keep meeting new people every day. The tenth house is being influenced by the planet Mars through its own sign, Aries. This will positively affect businessmen to work even harder to attain desired results. Salaried employees will be negatively stressed at work. We will be under constant pressure from their superiors to deliver more output in less time.

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