Better Luck Next Time


I was glad to see the message pop up in my mobile, “Earn rewards up to worth INR 1000 from Google Pay. Earned for paying Zomato”. After going further in the application, there was a message again, “Swipe back and forth to see if you have won.” I was eager and became excited, but it was short-lived. No sooner I scratched in my mobile than there was the standard reply, “Better Luck Next Time.” 

Was I ever Lucky?

Amongst the 100 million sperm, I was the first to reach and made my way in this beautiful world. Lucky ME.

What makes people lucky? 

I would say it’s the mindset they bring to life if you have the attitude that accepts bad luck as unavoidable and good fate created by hard work, bravery, and positive thinking. Optimism can be the key to being lucky. Sometimes we often experience being trapped in an uncanny situation and make a lucky escape. How did that happen? We ponder it’s because of trusting our own self and taking bold actions. Fortune favors the brave is an age-old proverb that can be associated with being lucky.

Some key factors.

  1. Trust your intuition Trust your intuition; it’s the best friend you will ever have. Our body picks up the vibration. If something, deep inside of you, says something is not right about a person or a situation, trust it. Remember, the best decisions are not made with the mind but with our instinct.
  2. Learn to Take Risks. While risk is the reality of life, before plunging to a solution, we can assess the situation and learn from our past failures and pass the test in style.
  3. Expect Good things will happen. We all need to wake up every day, expecting good. Keeping our thoughts positive, filled with joy, and hope to anticipate all good things God has in store for us. When we expect good things, we see opportunities. Positive thoughts need to be imbibed in us as a living magnet, and luck automatically will follow.
  4. See half glass as full. The optimist always sees the half glass as a whole, the pessimist as half empty. Whether your glass is half full or half empty, hope can fill it up. Rose bushes have thorns, or thorns have roses.
  5. Failures need to be accepted.

You have done everything, and in the last mile, you fail. Being rejected and feeling dejected are all part and parcel of life. In such a situation, we need to understand the turning point and thank the universe for giving another chance to redeem ourselves. Never we should be embarrassed by our failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Srinivasan Nathan

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