Beginners Guide to One Stroke Technique

“One Stroke Technique” is a dual priming technique that consists of mixing a brush with a couple of colors. With this technique, you can achieve the highlighting and shading in one stroke.

It has been around for a decade. It is an effortless way to create beautiful hand-painted designs on many surfaces.

Things to know before you start

One of the most significant things to know when you are learning to paint using this method is to make sure you load your brush accurately. Often painters are afraid of overloading their brushes. To achieve your coveted patterns, you have to make sure you have lots of paint on your brush.

The First Step

The first next step is to pick two shades that you would like to use for your pattern. Put the left side of your brush into the primary color, and then dip the other side in the other one. Now begin to roll the brush back and forth to combine the paint. Proceed to add paint and repeat these steps until your brush is filled two-thirds of the way up the hairs. You should be able to start your painting at this point.

The Paint

As you paint, it is essential you continue to use paint and do not wait to keep supplementing more to your brush. You don’t need to do the blending part after mixing more colors to your brush. If you feel at any minute your brush is getting overloaded; you may wipe the excess off with a rag or paper towel. Make sure your brush is still loaded up to two-thirds of the brush.

More Suggestions

You do not certainly have to clean your brush in water when you are shifting to new colors. It could add excitement to your pattern if you remove the excess paint with a rag or paper towel, then dip your paint one side at a time into the new shades and begin to mix. If you would like to color using more then a couple of colors, this is feasible. Just load your brush as you usually would with the two colors and then tip your brush into the third shade on one surface of the brush. Often, I would put this to the side that is the stroke color. This is up to you since you are the originator of the painting.


Don’t forget, if your brush is loaded correctly, this will allow your paint to flow smoothly. If your color is easy to manage, this will enable you to design a masterpiece!

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