Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 30th Aug – 5th Sep 2020

Love and Relationships

Not so good news for newly-in-a-relationship couples. Your partner may behave weirdly and rudely with you. You may stay depressed and uninterested because of this. Don’t overthink and stress yourself over it. Try to ask for the actual reasons for their inappropriate behaviour. Have patience and be understanding while handling such problems. Arguments and disagreements may happen in a family. Due to this reason, you will feel inconvenience. Don’t be too much pressing while explaining your point-of-view. Give it some time to resolve. Be kind and handle the problem with maturity.


Those students who are pursuing graduation in any science or IT-related field of study will become more focused and sincere. They will make considerable progress in college. Students will be able to spare more time for studies and stay concentrated on their subjects. Although, you will be a little slow in memorizing topics. So, it is highly advisable to study harder to secure future prospects. Post-graduating students will stay busy to handle some unfavourable situation. Even though students of post-graduation will try to take out time to study, they will find it tougher.


Not so good news regarding health and well being. The movement of the planets indicates that you may get affected by a small health-related problem. In regard to this, do not ignore the initial symptoms and immediately visit a physician. Take proper care and stay hygienic. Take all the medicines on time as per the prescription and go for regular check-ups. It may take more time than anticipated, but you will get well soon. In order to stay fit, don’t skip daily exercises such as running or swimming. If necessary, do exercise at home.


The movement of the planets suggests that you may have some problems regarding income. As your earnings will cut down, you will struggle to make ends meet. But remember not to become a pinchpenny and take unwanted risks to manage. One needs to properly differ necessities from pleasures. Decrease spending money over things without which you can make through. You need to plan out thoroughly where you are going to spend money and where not. Control your expenses and keep your budget in check. Although, you will be comfortable managing minor and routine expenditure.


It’s time to cheer up as this week is full of benefits! The movement of the planets suggests that people in business will feel motivated to think about endeavouring into new businesses. You may also plan a short-term journey to increase sales and make new contacts. This short-times trip will prove to be highly advantageous for you. Work harder and create a smart strategy to compete with your competitors and increase profit. Employees and career-oriented people will be able to perform smoothly and efficiently in work. Prove yourself to seniors and bosses and make sure they take notice of your hard work.

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