Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd August, 2020

Love and Relationships

Minor issues related to your family will keep you negatively disturbed. You need to keep your calm and not worry too much about it. Listen to everybody and do not be judgemental about people. Take everybody’s views into consideration and aim at maintaining peace and harmony within the family. You will need to take proper care of the needs and progress of your younger siblings. There is a distinct possibility of developing some misunderstandings or differences of opinions with someone you are close to. Try to resolve differences amicably. The week seems to be very favourable for singles to enjoy!


The week has mixed fruits to offer in terms of academics for students. Students pursuing graduation in either science or information technology-related subjects will be able to concentrate upon their studies like never before! They will also remain very attentive during class. They will work hard and will study for extended hours if required. As a result, their progress will be very satisfactory. Unfortunately, students pursuing post-graduation will be diverted from their main focus and will be busy handling other affairs. Since they will not be able to devote enough time, their progress will ultimately suffer. They must try and get their focus back.


Beware of any viral infections or seasonal illnesses catching up with you during this week. Take all due precautionary measures in this regard. Visit your physician immediately upon any signs of discomfort. Medications prescribed to you by your physician should be taken on time so as to avoid any further complications. Light cardiovascular exercises during the week will help you stay fit. Middle-aged individuals should get be thorough body check-ups done. Timely diagnosis of any irregularities like a spike in sugar levels or blood pressure will help control the problem and prevent any further complications. ‘Precaution’ will be your mantra.


A lot of honesty and hard work will be required to stay in a comfortable financial position. You will need to consistently persevere with all your efforts to succeed. Your twelfth house is basically linked with matters pertaining to finance and money. Two major planets seem to be negatively influencing this house. This calls for precaution! Be very careful with any matters related to your finance. Do not be lured into cutting corners and earning money the unethical or illegal way. Such offers seem to be very lucrative in the first glance, but will invariably end in a disaster. Always be prepared with contingency funds.


Businessmen will be negatively concerned about stiff competition in their sales area. Instead of being negatively stressed about it, businessmen should concentrate upon reformulating their strategies and plans. Short business trips will prove to be profitable by substantially adding to your customer base. Those associated in the import and export business will be busy negotiating a major deal. Finalisation of this deal will be delayed for some reason or the other. Salaried employees must roll up their sleeves and be prepared to face some heavy workload. They will need to work for extra hours if required by their company.

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